Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

1. Refinish Your Outdoor Furniture

Make weatherworn furniture look like new with paint and stain. Learn More

Staining wood patio furniture

2. Fertilize and Mulch Your Garden

Keep your garden healthy and thriving with a dose of TLC. Learn More

Fertilizing garden

3. Tips to Air Seal a Drafty Home

Learn how to find and seal air leaks to conserve energy and cost.

Learn More

Seal window with caulk

4. Fix Lawn Damage

Check out solutions for unsightly or dead patches in your yard. Learn More

Damaged lawn patch

5. Best Ways to Touch Up Paint

Fix dents, dings, marks and scratches with these easy tips. Learn More

Painting wall

6. Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Follow these simple time-saving steps for a yard you can live with. Learn More

Low-maintenance rock landscaping

7. How to Water Plants Effectively

Find out how to give specific plants the exact amount of water they need. Learn More

Watering garden plants

8. How to Clean & Repair Gutters / Downspouts

Extend the life of your roof and prevent water damage to your home.
Learn More

Clean debris from gutters

9. Prevent Weeds

Stop weeds before they take over your yard with these useful tips. Learn More

Pulling weeds from garden

10. How to Fertilize Your Lawn

Here’s how to choose the right fertilizer and easiest application. Learn More

Fertilizing lawn

11. Enlarge a Room with Color

Cleverly create the illusion of a larger room with the right colors. Learn More

Room enlarged with monochromatic colors