How to Mount Any Household Item: Ideal Towel Bar Height and More

Mounted bathroom storage features are convenient. There are mounted bathroom wall cabinets, towel bars, toilet paper holders and more. Also, many people install grab bars for safety and easier movement. If you want to add mounted features and are unsure of ideal heights, you came to the right place. This guide will explain ideal heights and provide mounting instruction overviews.

What Is the Ideal Towel Bar or Towel Rack Height?

The ideal towel bar height can vary for different people. However, the standard height for a bathroom towel bar is 48 inches above the ground. That guideline should also work for a towel rack over a toilet.

What about a hand towel holder ring? The answer is 48 inches above the ground as well. On a towel ring, the mounting piece is higher than the bottom of the ring where the towel hangs. Because of this, the bottom of the ring should be 48 inches off the ground.

To determine where to put the top installation piece, you will need a ruler or tape measure. Measure the distance from the bottom part of the towel ring to the screw holes or installation point. This rule also applies if you are installing it over a standard vanity. The average height of a bathroom vanity is between 30 and 32 inches off the ground. An average hand towel folded widthwise will not touch the vanity on a holder 48 inches high.

What if the bathroom needs to comply with ADA rules? Towel bars can still be 48 inches above the ground unless there are obstructing features. For example, if you are installing a hand towel bar above a protruding vanity, that is an obstruction. In this case, it should be 42 inches above the ground. How high should a towel bar be in a children’s bathroom? For smaller children, an ideal height is 36 inches above the floor.

What Can I Use Instead of a Towel Bar?

Fortunately, there are other creative options. Many people prefer individual hooks or multi-hook panels. The ideal towel hook height is 70 inches above the ground. The same applies for a robe hook height. A standing towel rack on the floor is a classy touch if you prefer to skip installation tasks. So, how about drying? Do towels dry better on bars or hooks? They dry better on bars when they are spread out flat. If your bathroom is very humid, hooks may not be ideal.

How to Install Towel Bars or Hooks

Installation instructions vary for different products. Know your wall’s composition material for heavier items. This is important if you need anchors. For instance, there are different types of anchors for drywall and plaster. It is critical to use the right type of hardware.

The first step is finding the products you want. Spend some time reading the installation instructions to ensure you have the right tools. Most items require a drill. It can also help to have a power screwdriver for precision and easier installation. For optimal results, it also helps to have a hammer and a level.

These are the basic steps in installing towel bars or hooks:

  • Locate and measure the placement spot for the product.
  • Use a level to mark screw holes.
  • Drill appropriate-sized holes.
  • Tap the anchors into the wall with a hammer.
  • Affix the brackets to the anchors.
  • Secure the brackets with a screwdriver.
  • Attach the towel hook or rack.

If you are also installing cabinets, you can look for a bathroom cabinet with a towel bar.

What Is the Ideal Toilet Paper Holder Height?

According to most experts, the ideal toilet paper holder height is 26 inches above the floor. The steps for installing a toilet paper holder are similar to those in the previous section. However, most products have simple installation instructions. If you prefer to skip installing a toilet paper holder, there are also standing racks. A popular style holds one roll for use and has storage for at least a few rolls below it.

What Is the Ideal Bathroom Wall Cabinet Height?

The answer depends on the type of cabinet. If you are installing bathroom cabinets instead of a vanity at a lower level, aim for 30 to 32 inches above ground. That should be the top point. As noted before, that is the standard vanity height. For above-toilet cabinets or other cabinets higher up, there is no set number. Guidelines suggest 50 to 70 inches above the ground. With that range in mind, consider four important factors. First, user height is important. Taller people may prefer cabinets higher. The height of the toilet must also be considered. Additionally, consider the cabinet depth and height. Shallower or smaller cabinets may be installed lower without creating risks of bumping your head.

How to Mount a Wall Bathroom Cabinet

Be sure to follow any instructions, warnings or guidelines with your chosen product. For cabinets higher on the wall, have a second person help you if possible. You will need a drill, a stud finder and the tools suggested on the product’s instructions. These are the main steps:

  • Use a stud finder to locate studs for ideal mounting.
  • Mark the mounting location.
  • Drill necessary holes, and attach any rails.
  • Place the cabinet according to the instructions.
  • Tighten screws, remove temporary supports or complete other finishing steps.

What Is the Ideal Bathroom Mirror Height?

The top of a bathroom or wall mirror should be 55 to 60 inches above the ground. This is eye level for most people. For ADA-compliant guidelines, mirrors should be between 38 and 42 inches above the floor. The measurement applies to the bottom edge of the mirror.

How to Hang a Mirror on a Wall

For heavier mirrors, know your wall material and the mirror’s weight. If it does not come with installation hardware, find the right anchors for its weight and your wall. Follow any product-specific instructions. You will need at least a hammer, drill, screwdriver and level. Have someone help you if possible. These are the general installation steps:

  • Locate a stud, and mark the installation spots with a level.
  • Drill the appropriate holes.
  • Install the anchors or screws.
  • Affix any brackets or hardware to mount the mirror.

What Is the Ideal Height for a Grab Bar?

Toilet, shower or tub-mounted grab bars should always comply with ADA guidelines. An ADA-compliant shower grab bar mounting height should be 33 to 36 inches above the shower or tub floor. If you are planning a bathroom to be fully compliant, be sure controls are also at the right height. For toilets, the ADA-compliant grab bar mounting height is 33 to 36 inches above ground. There must be one behind the toilet and one to the side. The bar behind the toilet must be 36 inches long. For the side bar, the length must be 42 inches.

How to Install Shower and Regular Grab Bars

According to the ADA, any mounting method may be used. However, the bars must have a proper gripping surface that adheres to ADA standards. You can find plenty of compliant safety bars at hardware stores. Because steps and instructions can vary, be sure to follow product instructions for installation. However, for better results, they should be anchored to studs for stability. Also, if you must drill through tile, be sure to use a glass and tile drill bit.

Now that you know standard towel bar height and installation basics, you are ready to get started. Find everything you need at your nearest True Value store!