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Choose the Best Snow Shovel or Snow Pusher and Save Your Back

Kids love it. Skiers pray for it. Plow drivers bank on it. But homeowners dread it. When snow starts to fall, clearing your sidewalk and driveway requires the right snow shovel to get the job done safely and as efficient as possible. There are a lot of options to consider.

Snow Shovels vs. Snow Pushers

Are you a shoveler or a pusher? Snow shovels are flat blades designed for you to pick up the snow and toss it. Snow pushers, which have become very popular, are more like mini snow plows and are made to push the snow onto the side of your sidewalk or driveway. That means less lifting is involved.

If you are interested in efficiency with snow shoveling check out The SnowCaster Wheeled Snow pusher with 36 inch Plastic Blade, this wheeled snow pusher solution reduces back strain and fatigue and provides up to 50% greater efficiency compared to traditional snow shovels.

Take most of the effort out of shoveling with an electric snow shovel. Much smaller and less powerful than snow blowers, but also way more affordable. Electric shovels can clear a few inches of snow without much strain on you or your pocketbook.

The Handle is Key

To help reduce fatigue, choose a snow shovel/pusher with a lightweight fiberglass or aluminum handle. Handle size is important: long handles are made for pushing snow; short handles are for tossing snow. Some handles are now curved, or bent, for a more ergonomical shovel, thus putting less stress on your back.

Some Shoveling Tips

Shoveling snow is never fun, but these ideas will take some of the chore out of it. Spread ice-melt or salt before the snow starts. Start shoveling before the snow freezes into a block of ice. Lift with your knees, not your back. Keep a snow shovel in your car just in case. And remember, know your limitations. If the snow is deep or wet, take some breaks and tackle it in stages. Shop today and choose the Free Ship-to-Store option to save money on delivery.