FLEX SEAL Family of Products

FLEX SEAL Rubber Sealant Coating, White, 14-oz.

FLEX SEAL Family of Products

FLEX SEAL Rubber Sealant Coating, White, 14-oz.


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FLEX SEAL® is liquid rubber in can! It sprays out as a thick liquid, seeps into cracks and holes and dries to a watertight, flexible rubberized coating that Stops Leaks Fast!™. Unaffected by weather. In extreme heat or cold, FLEX SEAL® keeps its hold! Stays flexible and pliable while protecting surfaces from corrosion. Seals out water, last for years!
  • Apply with the portable, easy-to-use, aerosol spray can
  • Unlike paint, its thick liquid dries to a watertight, flexible, rubberized coating
  • Fills cracks and holes protects surfaces from rust and corrosion
  • Stops leaks while remaining completely flexible
  • Covers fast with just one pass (unlike most spray paints)
  • Perfect for all of your home repairs transform and protect virtually everything
  • Ideal for arts and crafts, projects and hobbies once completely dry, it can be painted any color
  • Apply on wet or dry surfaces
  • Last for years and will not sag or drip in summer heat will not crack or peel in winter cold
  • Stops vibrations and deadens noise
  • WORKS ON: Wood, Metal, Tile, Concrete, Masonary, Fabric, Glass, Plastic, Aluminum, Porcelain, Dry Wall, Rubber, Cement, some Vinyls and so much more! *Flex Seal may not be compatible with all plastic, vinyls or rubbers.
  • GREAT FOR: Roofs, Gutters and Downspouts - PVC Pipe Repairs, Roof Drip Edges and Flashings - RV's, Campers and Mobile Homes - A/C, Duct Work and Chimneys - Windowsills - Weatherizing - Foundation and Concrete Waterproofing - Sealing Cracks and Holes.
  • FLEX TIPS: Spray a larger area than where the leak is and feather the edges. Apply multiple coats rather than one thick coat and use at can temperature above 60 F. Make sure Flex Seal has filled ALL cracks/holes and is FULLY CURED before testing product.


Country of Origin:US
Package Width:2.5
Package Length:2.5
Package Height:9.5
Model Number:FSWHTR20
Brand:FLEX SEAL Family of Products
Assembled Length:2.5
Assembled Width:2.5
Assembled Height:9.5
Manufacturer Name:SWIFT RESPONSE LLC