10 Cleaning Tips For People Who Don’t Have Time To Clean

Wonder what brought about the term spring cleaning? I guess it is a way for us to get rid of all the cobwebs that winter brought…open the windows…smell actual fresh air and get back outside. There is this renewed feeling when you see the grass starting to grow again and the flowers start to bloom. It’s a time to clean up and get on living and come out of winter hibernation. I thought it would be a good idea to give some quick tips that might make your spring cleaning that much easier so that you can get on with life that much quicker. I think the key to spring cleaning, like anything else, is to enter it with the right mindset. Be in a good mood and ready to work and when you’re done you will feel that much better and ready to tackle anything! I am also attaching a handy printable that you can use as a great reference throughout the spring season. 10 things to do in 10 minutes that will keep your house neat and tidy and make deep cleaning that much easier. When you can stay on top of things you end up spending less time cleaning which is always a good thing!

1. Buy yourself a good quality bucket – True Value has many great options. Stainless steel buckets are also a great option because the material naturally has anti-macrobiotic properties. It can hold all the cleaning supplies while naturally staying clean. It will be an investment….but it will be the last bucket you need to buy!

2. Take small chunks of space to organize. Don’t try to tackle a huge mess all in one day. I find that if you focus and set a timer for 15 minutes and say “I’m going to focus and organize these 4 drawers…and that is it…” it makes the task seem that much more manageable. Drawer organizers like these from True Value will make your job that much more rewarding.

3. DIY multipurpose cleaner for pennies. Buy yourself 3 spray bottles from True Value (this one below is perfect). Mix up some of your own multipurpose (and eco-friendly) cleaner. All you need is 2 cups of water, 20 drops of Dawn, and 2 Cups of rubbing alcohol. I keep a spray bottle on each floor of my house. That way when I have a few minutes to clean up…I’m not running all over the house☺ (do not use this cleaner on painted furniture or trim…most other surfaces will be fine though).

spray bottle

4. Put on some tunes. If you have told yourself that you are going to spend one hour to clean…why not have a little fun with it and put on your favorite music? Here is a link to a cleaning playlist that I use. (Requires a Spotify log in.http://open.spotify.com/user/tstoll4/playlist/5Zu1kv2IxSNukU9V7fJ1sq) It can make all the difference in your motivation.

Clever Clean Playlist

5. Dust off the garden tools. When spring is around the corner…that means gardening isn’t far behind. Create an area in your garage or maybe in your backyard to hold and organize your garden gear. A simple wooden table with a shelf below….maybe a few large pails filled with sand and potting soil. The sand can hold and naturally clean spades and shovels. The potting soil can be ready to go for those spring flowers. Gathering supplies and making them ready to use makes gardening that much more rewarding. Check out True Value’s tips for planning a spring garden here.

Outside sink and workbench

Source: BetweenNapsOnThePorch.com

6. Contain the clutter. It helps to designate a spot for a bin or basket for each family member. I use this area back by my office. Each family member has a drop zone. Encourage them to check their zone weekly to keep the clutter to a minimum.

7.Place a handy printable for some burst of time…This one is perfect for quick weekday clean ups. I created a handy printable that you can post on your fridge. It will help you to stay focus on the tasks at hand and get your home off to a great start for spring cleaning! It is a 5×7 printable…just print it off and get cleaning!

Clean 10 things in 10 Minutes

8. Don’t forget about the car. I think one of the best feelings in the world is when you get into a fresh new car that’s been cleaned out. Just takes a little bit of time to gather the trash. Get a Dustbuster (this one from True Value is very handy), clean up the crumbs and wipe down all the surfaces to get the dust off. When I spend a little time cleaning out my car I no longer get that stressed feeling every time I get in it and it’s filthy.

cordless dustbuster

9. Taking time to hide the trash. You can find fabulous trash slide outs for your cabinets. When is the last time you cleaning or changed out your trash cans? Do you get annoyed every time you see that couple pieces of gum sticking to the bottom of the can that your kids threw in there when they thought there was a bag liner in there but there wasn’t? Or is that just my house? Keeping your garbage neat and secure makes a big difference in the appearance and the whole feeling of a room. This one from True Value is perfect….and under $50! Trash cans in all shapes and sizes will allow you to place the trash can in a concealed cabinet many times in the kitchen and in the bathrooms. Just ask your local True Value to direct you to the area where they keep that.

Trash can cabinet organizer

10. Stop carrying around trash! I swear when I take 15 minutes to clean out my purse and throw away old receipts and wrappers, put the coins in a coin jar and tidy things up,it makes a world of difference. De-cluttering your wallet and your purse gives you a fresh start that’s just as important as cleaning your house.