Lighting & Electrical

  1. Top Tips for Easily Fixing a Wobbling Ceiling Fan
    Ceiling fan getting repaired

    Wobbling and shaking ceiling fans can be noisy and annoying. If you are looking for solutions for how to fix a shaky or wobbly fan, you came to the right place. Although it is

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  2. 10 Energy-Saving Tips for the Coming Winter
    electric power meter

    With energy use and cost concerns rising, saving natural resources is becoming more important to everyone. Fortunately, there are several ways you can cut down on how much energy you use this winter. Whether you rely on electricity, gas, or both, we've

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  3. The Complete Circuit Breaker 101 Guide
    person turning off circuit breaker

    Your home's electrical system comprises many components that work together to ensure that you have power for your lights, appliances, and electronic devices. When you experience an issue with one electrical component, it can affect your entire system.

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  4. The Future of Lighting: How Smart Lighting Is Revolutionizing Homes
    two hands holding a smartphone pointing at a lamp

    What is a smart light system? What are the advantages and disadvantages of smart lighting? These are some questions you're probably asking if you're considering investing in smart lighting. Today, many people are enjoying the benefits of smart home lighting

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  5. CYNC by GE: A Complete Guide
    Cync one app endless possibilities

    GE CYNC is a smart home system that allows you to control and automate various home devices, such as light bulbs. With CYNC, you can easily manage your home's lighting to fit your schedule and requirements. This complete guide will cover the different

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  6. How to Change a Light Fixture
    Bronze pendant lights hanging in kitchen

    Swapping out an old, outdated light fixture adds instant appeal and value to your home, and it isn't hard to do. If you're a novice DIYer, don't be intimidated by working around electricity. This is a weekend project that can be done by even the most

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  7. How to Install a Dimmer Switch
    Dining room light on dimmer switch

    Dimmer switches add flexibility to existing lighting. They also help you save energy, money while adding to the life of your light bulbs by reducing the amount of wattage emitted.

    Installing a dimmer switch is an easy home improvement project

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  8. How to Install Under-Cabinet Lighting
    Under-cabinet lighting installed in modern kitchen

    Under-cabinet lighting can work as both accent lighting and task lighting to make your kitchen a more pleasant and functional space by adding ambiance and enhanced lighting for cooking and preparing meals. There are a number of lighting fixtures and bulb

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  9. How to Replace a Light Switch or Electrical Outlet
    Cord plugged into new electrical outlet

    Placing an old light switch or electrical outlet is a simple DIY update that almost anyone can do. However, because electricity is involved, it’s not a project to be taken lightly. As long as you take the steps to stay safe, all you need is a screwdriver,

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  10. How to Hang a Chandelier
    Ornate black chandelier in white living room

    Chandeliers radiate elegance and accent entryways, dining areas and other rooms. Installing one or any other heavy pendant-style light is not much different than standard fixtures but they can often be hefty and cumbersome to handle while making wiring

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  11. How to Install Outdoor Floodlights
    Outdoor flood lights on house at night

    Installing exterior flood lights is a great way to add security, safety and nighttime curb appeal to your home. Whether you need extra light in dark corners of your yard, or around walkways

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  12. How to Install Landscape Lighting
    Landscape garden with LED lighting

    Highlight your house and yard when the sun goes down while boosting home safety and security. Check out these ideas for adding landscape lighting and using energy-efficient, low-voltage outdoor fixtures. Everything you need for the project is available

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  13. Outdoor Solar Lights: My Easy Installation in Less Than 10 Minutes
    Installing outdoor solar spotlights

    Hi Everyone! It's Taryn from Design, Dining and Diapers, and today I'm talking about outdoor lighting. Now, I know what you are thinking, 'But, it's SO expensive' and 'But, I would have to hire someone

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  14. How to Hang Christmas Lights
    Hanging Christmas lights on roof

    Energy costs go up in winter as you try to keep out the seasonal chill. When you add holiday lighting displays to your electric bill, your energy spending can really add up. You can conserve energy and reduce costs by swapping out old light strings with

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