DIY Projects & Ideas

  1. How to Remove Silicone Caulk
    person removing silicone caulk

    One of the most versatile building materials developed in the last 100 years, modern silicone caulk is used in a wide array of home improvement projects. However, all silicone caulk eventually breaks down to the point where it can't perform adequately

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  2. Best Winter Car Emergency Kit + Other Essentials
    SUV truck with portable shovel, window scrapper, and winter clothes

    Do you know what things to keep in your car in winter? A winter car safety kit is a must for every driver in areas where there are freezing temperatures. Most people know to pack water and a little food. However, there are several other winter car accessories

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  3. Tile Grout Repair: 5 Steps to Fully Repair Cracked Grout
    person repairing floor grout with float

    Maybe you're planning to put your house on the market or just want to do some improvements. If you're thinking about redoing a floor because of cracked grout, there's good news. You can fix damaged or cracked grout in most cases. How do you repair damaged

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  4. DIY Plumbing Equipment Tool Kit: Find Out Everything You Need
    wrenches, pipes, valves and pipe adhesives

    Did you know you can create a basic handyman tool kit at home? With several basic plumbing tools, you can skip unnecessary calls to a plumber. While some tasks still require professional help, many are simple enough to do on your own. This guide will

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  5. How to Raise Chickens: The Ultimate Guide
    baby chickens

    When people consider raising their own chickens, they often have many questions. Are chickens easy to raise? How many chickens should a beginner start with? What do chickens need? If you don't know where to start, don't panic. Raising chickens certainly

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  6. Find the Right Lawn Mower for Your Needs With This Handy Guide
    Shopping for lawn mower at hardware store

    The key to keeping a pristine yard is to have the right lawn mower. With so many different types of models on the market, however, it can be difficult to choose the right mower for your unique situation. A lawn mower is a big investment, and you don’t

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  7. Remove Rust from Metal for Spring Cleaning
    Remove Rust from Metal for Spring Cleaning

    Many people assume that there's no way to remove rust once it forms on metal. While rust can be stubborn, there are many cleaning methods. We recommend adding rust removal to your list of spring cleaning chores. With so many tool chests being out of sight

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  8. Guide to Lawn Mower Safety and Maintenance
    Guide to Lawn Mower Safety and Maintenance

    Before using a new lawn mower, it’s important to understand the basics of proper operation and maintenance. Doing so will keep everyone safe and help you get the most out of your investment.

    Are Lawn Mowers Safe to Use?

    Since millions o

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  9. Spring Lawn Tools Checklist
    Spring project checklist
    Monthly Project Checklist

    Grab These Tools & Tackle Any Task

    1. Fertilizer Spreader

    A broadcast spreader makes it easy to evenly distribute seed, weed

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  10. Spring Home Maintenance Checklist
    Spring project checklist
    Monthly Project Checklist

    It's Time to Freshen up for Spring

    1. Refinish Your Outdoor Furniture

    Make weatherworn furniture look like new with paint and stain.

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  11. Simple Spring Yard Clean Up
    Landscape after spring yard cleanup

    I made it through the Polar Vortex and I'm so happy that spring is here. I'm looking forward to longer days, warmer weather, spring flowers and enjoying time outdoors. I know it was a long winter when I'm also looking forward to yard work! My newly thawed

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  12. How to Prevent or Thaw Frozen Pipes
    Frozen garden hose and connector in winter

    During the winter, pipes can often freeze and then burst, leading to expensive repairs. However, bursting pipes are a nightmare that you can avoid by taking a few preventative measures. Taking the

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  13. 9 Spring Cleaning Tips
    Woman spring cleaning organizing linens in wire baskets

    Ready to start your annual spring-cleaning project? We’ve got tips to clear the clutter in your laundry room, closets and basement. Be sure to click on the Project Shopping List to stock up on everything you need to freshen your home for spring.

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  14. 7 Tips to Prep Your House & Yard for Spring
    Spring flower bud sprouting from soil in early spring

    Now that winter has come and gone, it’s time to stop hibernating and start enjoying the outdoors again. Kick off the warm season by tackling some spring cleanup outside your house. Be sure to click on the Project Shopping List to stock up on everything

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  15. 4 Types of Lawn Damage (And How to Fix Them)
    Dead spots in grass on damaged lawn

    Your lawn takes a beating, season to season, from winter-weather salt damage, insects, rodents and birds, family pets, weeds and thatch. While there's not much you can do to prevent damage once it's been done, you can make repairs to get your lawn looking

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