Cleaning & Organizing

  1. How to Get Rid of Dust, and Other Spring Cleaning Tips
    person using a duster to clean white bookshelf

    Since spring is the season of new beginnings, it makes sense to clean your house thoroughly. When should you spring clean your house? Cleaning before the weather gets too hot means you can open your windows to enjoy some fresh air. Also, you won't have

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  2. Top 4 Dusting Techniques: Master the Art of a Dust-Free Home
    Top 4 Dusting Techniques: Master the Art of a Dust-Free Home

    Top Tips and Tricks for a Dust-Free Home

    House dust consists of dead skin cells, bacteria,

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  3. Holiday Cleaning Tips and Tricks for a Stress-Free Season
    Woman with vacuum cleaner indoors at home at Christmas time.

    Cleaning Tips for Worry-Free Holidays

    Returning home to a clean house with your decorations up lets you enjoy the holiday season to the fullest. If you don't clean up before the holidays start, you'll feel the stress. Before Thanksgiving is an

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  4. Types of Furnace Filters for Cleaner Indoor Air
    Replacing dirty furnace filter in home with new clean filter

    Types of Furnace Filters for Cleaner Indoor Air

    If you want your furnace to run as efficiently and effectively as possible, a good filter is essential. With so many furnace filters available, however, it can take some time to find the right one

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  5. How to Clean Your Dryer Vent: Prevent Damage With These 5 Simple Steps
    cleaning out drier vent with vacuum

    If your spring-cleaning list includes deep cleaning the laundry room, be sure to include cleaning the dryer vent. When your dryer’s vent becomes clogged, the appliance won’t dry your clothes properly. Cleaning it out also increases your household's

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  6. How to Clean and Seal Concrete to Make It New Again
    Powerwasher cleaning concrete

    How do you make concrete look new again? Can you clean anything off concrete? Many homeowners find themselves asking these questions at some point. Fortunately, most stains can be cleaned off concrete with the right tools and methods. This guide will

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  7. Cleaning Up After a Flood: A Full Guide to Water Damage Restoration
    House flooding with water on floor

    Excessive rain and flooding create a nightmare situation for homeowners. In addition to wreaking havoc on personal belongings, floods can weaken the structure of a house. Also, water damage often leads to mold if you don't properly clean the the interior

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  8. You May Not Know These 11 Uses for Dish Soap
    bottle of dish soap sitting on clean countertop

    With more people using dishwashers today, it may seem like washing with liquid soap isn't as common. However, there are plenty of other uses for

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  9. How to Remove Mold from Walls
    Spraying mold behind wallpaper

    Mold on your interior walls doesn’t just look unpleasant; it can be a health hazard for your family. Depending on the amount and location, its presence also suggests a larger problem in your house—water infiltration.

    For this project,

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  10. How to Install a Clothesline
    Umbrella clothesline in yard

    Since the invention of the electric clothes dryer, the number of households that rely on clotheslines to dry clothes has steadily decreased over the years. Hanging your clothes up to dry is easier on the environment and your wallet because it saves you

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  11. How to Clean Leather Furniture
    Clean leather chair

    Leather furniture gives your space a luxurious and elegant feel, and the best part is that it only gets better-looking and more comfortable with age. To ensure the longevity of your leather furniture though, you need to take care of it by periodically

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  12. How to Safely Clean Painted Walls
    Cleaning kid drawing from wall using sponge

    Even the most beautifully painted walls get grungy over time. Life is messy and walls eventually collect fingerprints, smudges, splashes and spills. Maybe your children decided to make a mural with crayons or you’ve simply let dust build up and

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  13. How to Build a Wall-Mounted Coat Rack
    DIY coat rack

    Add more hooks to quickly and easily hang outerwear and free up some closet space by making a simple and functional wall-mounted coat rack. All you need to make your next creation is the right tools and know-how. Follow this guide to make your DIY coat

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  14. How to Clean Windows, Inside & Out
    Cleaning window with microfiber cloth and spray

    When windows are extra dirty, they make better doors. Keep sightlines clear and your home looking sparkling clean by washing your windows at least twice per year. Keep reading to learn how make your windows look like they were cleaned by professionals.

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  15. 5 Garage Storage & Organization Tips
    Organized garage with storage on shelves

    Garages often seem to be the catchall location for stuff that needs to be stored. If your car stays outside because you have too many belongings hoarded in the garage, get it organized now by following a few simple steps.

    Step 1: Purge Your Garage

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  16. 3 Steps to Declutter & Organize Your Closet
    Clothes organized in closet shelves, drawers, and baskets

    Closets often end up as catch-alls for things you want out of the way — or they become cluttered when you add new wardrobe items and neglect to clear out the old. Organize your closet now to get control of your belongings and achieve some peace

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  17. Laundry Room Organization Ideas
    Little kid opening cabinet in laundry room

    When storage space in your home is minimal, your belongings often end up stacked and stowed in places like the laundry room. Because of its utilitarian nature, this room often becomes a prime place for storage when space has been maximized in other areas.

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  18. How to Clean Tile Grout
    Cleaning bathroom tile grout with toothbrush

    Nothing makes a tile floor or wall look grungy like dirty tile grout. Although tile surfaces may be cleaned often, buildup of dirt, debris and mildew can collect in the porous surface of tile grout over time and cause discoloration. Take time to periodically

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  19. How to Clean & Season Your Cast Iron Skillet
    Roasted marshmellows in clean cast iron pan

    A seasoned cast iron skillet means more than the number of years you’ve put it to good use cooking delicious dinners for your friends and family. A seasoned skillet has a layer of cooking oil or grease that has been baked into its cooking surface, providing a

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  20. How to Organize Your Pantry
    Dried food jars in clean organized pantry

    The kitchen pantry is where you store food and other cooking essentials, so if it’s not organized properly, it isn’t being as useful as it could be. An organized pantry makes finding what you need to cook and eat much easier, and creates additional nee

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  21. Storage Ideas for Small Rooms
    Small kitchen organized with wall-mounted shelves, drawers, and pegs

    Small homes or apartments can make storing all of your belongings a difficult task. Sometimes you have to think unconventionally and make use of the unused space in your home to come up with storage solutions. Here are some tips on how to find more storage

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  22. 6 Green Laundry Tips (Without Giving Up Your Washer & Dryer)
    Happy baby in laundry basket with clean sheets

    Laundry is inevitable, but practicing green laundry tips can help you complete this necessary task while staying conscious about the effect it has on the environment and your budget. Here are some eco-friendly laundry cleaning and drying tips to get you

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  23. 9 Spring Cleaning Tips
    Woman spring cleaning organizing linens in wire baskets

    Ready to start your annual spring-cleaning project? We’ve got tips to clear the clutter in your laundry room, closets and basement. Be sure to click on the Project Shopping List to stock up on everything you need to freshen your home for spring.

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  24. Tips & Hacks For Holiday Decoration Storage
    Christmas ornaments stored in sturdy container

    Decorating is one of the most enjoyable things about the holidays. Having your decorations organized at the beginning of the season and at the end when putting everything away makes you more likely to remain in good cheer. Here are some great tips and

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