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  1. Simple Glitter Paint Hacks

    Go glam with these simple glitter paint hacks and add a little sparkle to any space.

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  2. How to Reduce Echo in a Room

    Quiet living room with plush sofa and curtains

    High ceilings and sound-reflecting surfaces, such as glass, stone, tile and hardwood often can produce unwanted echoes in your home. If you find the reverberations distracting, you don’t have to break the bank to find ways to dampen your rooms’ lively aco

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  3. How to Hang Wallpaper

    Bold flower wallpaper in living room nook

    If you are tired of your plain, painted walls, hanging wallpaper can give any room a complete makeover. This project can take some time and effort, but it's a task you can tackle in a weekend. In fact, choosing a wallpaper pattern can be the most difficult

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  4. How to Remove Wallpaper

    Woman scraping old wallpaper from wall

    Have you grown tired of that '70s green wallpaper in your bathroom? Do you want to give your kitchen a modern look? It's easy to give any room in your home an update by removing wallpaper that’s dated and painting your walls with a fresh coat of paint.

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  5. How to Hang a Heavy Mirror or Picture

    Large heavy mirror mounted above desk

    Mirrors and heavy art pieces add a lot to your home’s décor and interior ambiance. But they need to be hung properly to keep them from falling and getting damaged or inflicting damage to your wall or floor. Here’s how to hang items on your wall and ensu

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  6. 7 Ideas for a Quick Bathroom Makeover

    Luxury bathroom with new vanity and sink

    Nothing decreases the value and appeal of your home like an outdated bathroom, but you don’t have to break the bank to complete a bathroom makeover. Some paint, a new vanity and faucet, and a few decorating and design ideas can give your bathroom a m

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  7. How to Spray Paint Wall Clocks

    Wall clocks with metallic spray painted frames

    If you’re looking for an easy way to upgrade a wall clock, look no further. Use metallic spray paint to take wall clocks from outdated to chic with just a few coats of paint. Keep reading to learn how with these great tips from Rust-Oleum®.

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    • How to Make a DIY Boot Mat

      Colorfully painted, wood boot mat

      Keep wet, muddy footprints outside and add a splash of color to your entryway by building a vibrant DIY boot mat that is so charming you’ll never want to get it dirty. Learn how to build and paint it with this great advice from Rust-Oleum®.

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      • DIY Serving Tray Makeover

        DIY serving tray

        I have a before and after thrift store transformation to show you – one that I used a pretty amazing product to complete. Have you ever heard about or used the epoxy resin product EnviroTex L

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      • My Dramatic Entryway Makeover: Before & After

        Updated entryway with new paint and decor
        Updating Your Entryway

        I recently finished updating my front entryway.

        I had put this space on hold for almost a year because it has always been a very tough space to decorate and organize. I focused on finishing the other areas we were renovating, and sadly used the

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      • Knockoff Sunburst Mirror: How I Made a Statement Piece for $10

        DIY sunburst mirror

        Well hello! I’m so excited to share this little DIY project with you all (y’all? Can I be southern for a moment?) Because it turned out JUST how I envisioned.

        sunburst mirror
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      • Chalkboard Wall: How I Made a Magnetic Art Gallery for $5

        Supplies for DIY chalkboard art wall

        Today I wanted to show you how I turned the new chalkboard wall in the kitchen into a gallery wall to hold the Bub’s artwork. I showed you the Christmas version o

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      • How I Made a Rustic Coffee Table in 2 Hours

        DIY rustic table

        Hello there! How was your weekend? We had a great one - guess WHAT? Stink Eye Sis got engaged!! :) So excited! So now we have a wedding to plan - how fun is that? We also continued to get some stuff done outside. Make that ME - hubby was out of town and

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      • My Decorating Tips & Tricks for a Fireplace Mantel

        Decorated fireplace mantel

        We all love a roaring fireplace in the cold winter months, but they are typically one of the hardest spots to decorate. It’s a focal point in a room so you want it to shine, but it can be difficult to find the right mix of decor that works well in such a

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      • From Mossy to Beachy: Bringing Summer to My Foyer Decor

        DIY beachy decor on entryway console

        Well, it's the end of July and I've just finished up my summer vignette in the foyer - welcome to my world. ;)

        I've had most of it done for umm...weeks. Since May? There was one small detail I've been putting off all that time that I FINALLY

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      • My Metal Fountain Refurbish: Before & After

        Refurbished frog fountain for spring

        Many years ago I purchased a froggy fountain while attending a garden festival. I had never really liked the bluish-black color of the fountain, but he was just too cute to leave behind that day.

        Over the years, I've used him outdoors for summer

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      • Four Tips to Design a Budget-Friendly Curated Gallery Wall

        Picture gallery wall

        DIY blogger confession time… although I’ve been at this DIY blogger thing for over five and a half years, I’ve never done a gallery wall. They looked too tedious and expensive.

        Finally, last summer I decided I was going to take the plunge and s

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      • Easy Elegance: How I Customized Bookcases with Crown Moldings

        Updated bookcase with crown moldings
        Update a Basic Bookcase with Crown Molding

        I have always been a fan of custom built-in bookcases but have been intimated by their price and the skill required to create them. However, about a year ago I enlisted the help of my father and a few other skilled family members to help me transform

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      • DIY Fire Log Holder

        DIY fire log holder on patio

        For me, fall means leaves crunching, apple cider sipping and fire-crackling good times. To maximize the frequency of these good times, we recently created a cozy outdoor space with some new furniture and an outdoor fireplace. It is a great spot to land

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      • DIY Industrial Hanging Pots

        DIY industrial hanging pots

        Hi! It's Taryn from Design, Dining and Diapers! Since the New Year I've been busy working on our new family room (you can see peeks of it here

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      • Make your own Chalk Paint (DIY refinished end table)

        Make your own chalk paint

        End tables are a dime a dozen at tag sales…and they are the best way to test out your painting/refinishing skills. Folks worry all the time… “What if I paint it and don’t like it!?!” but when you start out with a beat up $10 table, there should be no wor

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      • Dresser Makeover I Wish I Had Done Years Ago

        Dark wood dresser to be revamped

        Years ago, in what seems like another life, I worked in a buying office for a big home goods store based out of New York. Along with carrying items like bedding, towels and dishes they also carried bigger items like bedroom furniture. It was the time

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      • How to Paint a Pumpkin

        Jack-o-lanterns painted on pumpkin

        It’s Halloween season and time to get crafty to scare up some devilish décor. If you’re looking to avoid the mess of carving pumpkins into ghoulish goblins and ghosts, try painting them instead with delightfully scary designs. Follow this guide on how

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      • Dress Your Home with Holiday Delight: 4 Ways to Decorate

        Woman gluing berry to holiday wreath

        Turning your home into a “Winter Wonderland” this holiday season is simple. This project will help you choose the perfect Christmas tree and natural holiday décor, as well as show you how to use indoor and outdoor lighting that will dress up your home

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