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  1. Types of Furnace Filters for Cleaner Indoor Air
    Replacing dirty furnace filter in home with new clean filter

    Types of Furnace Filters for Cleaner Indoor Air

    If you want your furnace to run as efficiently and effectively as possible, a good filter is essential. With so many furnace filters available, however, it can take some time to find the right one

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  2. How to Hang Things on Walls With a 3M Claw
    person hanging mirror on dark wall

    Hang Things on Your Walls with the 3M Claw

    Part of decorating your home or office includes hanging items on the wall. However, using nails or screws can leave unsightly holes or other damage. Fortunately, there are alternative methods available

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  3. Power Tools Safety Guide: Essential Practices for Safe Work
    Carpenter in wood workshop using table saw. Mature man i casual clothing. Space is full of working tools and wooden planks.

    Power Tools Safety Guide: Essential Practices for Safe Work

    Since anyone can buy power tools, it is easy to assume that they are safe to use. Many people unbox them and use them without reading all the safety instructions and cautions. Without

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  4. Exploring Types of Lubricants for DIY Projects
    grease being applied to tractor piston

    Silicone, Oil, Grease and Lithium: Types of Lubricants for DIY Tasks

    What is a lubricant? What is lubricant used for in the home? Lubricants

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  5. Types of Ladders: How to choose the right one
    ladders within enclosed patio area with vibrant grass

    Types of Ladders: A Buying Guide

    There are many different ladder types and ladder sizes. You can find step ladders, telescoping ladders, extension ladders and others. How do you know which one is right for you? What should you look for when buying

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  6. Holiday Cleaning Tips and Tricks for a Stress-Free Season
    Woman with vacuum cleaner indoors at home at Christmas time.

    Cleaning Tips for Worry-Free Holidays

    Returning home to a clean house with your decorations up lets you enjoy the holiday season to the fullest. If you don't clean up before the holidays start, you'll feel the stress. Before Thanksgiving is an

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  7. Top 4 Dusting Techniques: Master the Art of a Dust-Free Home
    Top 4 Dusting Techniques: Master the Art of a Dust-Free Home

    Top Tips and Tricks for a Dust-Free Home

    House dust consists of dead skin cells, bacteria,

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  8. How to Get Rid of Dust, and Other Spring Cleaning Tips
    person using a duster to clean white bookshelf

    Since spring is the season of new beginnings, it makes sense to clean your house thoroughly. When should you spring clean your house? Cleaning before the weather gets too hot means you can open your windows to enjoy some fresh air. Also, you won't have

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  9. The Ultimate Guide to Types of Levels
    man holding yellow level tool

    For any type of job, it is essential to have the right tools. Levels are important for making sure something is perfectly straight. In some cases, they may just be helpful. In others, they may be critical. For example, a level is helpful for hanging pictures

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  10. Types of Safety Clothing for DIY Projects: A Comprehensive Guide
    various safety equipment set on table

    Clothing safety is an area of safety that is sometimes overlooked. It only takes a split second for a chemical spill, fall, or other accident to cause an injury. For any type of DIY project, it's important to have the right safety clothes and gear. Safety

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  11. The Future of Lighting: How Smart Lighting Is Revolutionizing Homes
    two hands holding a smartphone pointing at a lamp

    What is a smart light system? What are the advantages and disadvantages of smart lighting? These are some questions you're probably asking if you're considering investing in smart lighting. Today, many people are enjoying the benefits of smart home lighting

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  12. You May Not Know These 11 Uses for Dish Soap
    bottle of dish soap sitting on clean countertop

    With more people using dishwashers today, it may seem like washing with liquid soap isn't as common. However, there are plenty of other uses for

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  13. Seed Storage Guide: How to Save Seeds
    gardener's hand planting seeds in dark soil

    Is it worth storing seeds? How do you clean and save seeds? People often wonder if they should save the seeds from their garden vegetables or fruits. When you save seeds, you'll save money, too, since you'll already have them on hand for the next time

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  14. Garden Cart vs. Wheelbarrow: Which One to Buy for Your Garden
    yellow garden cart with mulch and shovel

    What are garden carts for? What's the difference between a cart and a wheelbarrow? These are some things people often ask when they consider buying a cart or a wheelbarrow. Garden carts and wheelbarrows are handy for moving supplies, trash, and more. They're especially great if you need to move landscaping rocks, fertilizer, or anything else heavy. This guide will help solve the garden cart vs. wheelbarrow debate with definitions, pros, cons, and more. Learn how to find the best garden cart or wheelbarrow for your needs.

    What Are Wheelbarrows? What Are Garden Carts?

    The biggest considerations in the wheelbarrow vs. cart decision are why you need something to transport items. A wheelbarrow cart and a garden or yard cart are two different things. While they perform similar functions, it's important to recognize the differences. 

    A yard or garden cart is shallow with a large, flat bottom and straight sides. The wheels tend to be larger than a wheelbarrow's wheels. Wheelbarrows may have only one or two wheels and sloped or curved trays. Some wheelbarrows have four wheels, but these are usually more expensive and are used on farms and ranches. Because of its design, a wheelbarrow offers greater maneuverability and versatility. However, maneuverability is harder with heavier or unbalanced loads. Garden carts tend to offer more stability.

    Carts and wheelbarrows vary in their capacity. You may see it listed as cubic feet, and 6 cubic feet is a good choice for a wheelbarrow. If you pick one larger than that, it can be harder to control. Carts come in capacity sizes of a couple of cubic feet or more. Whether you choose a cart or a wheelbarrow, pick one that works for your needs to avoid overloading it. 

    Another common difference between the two is their handles. Carts often have one straight bar-like handle, and wheelbarrows have two separate handles.

    Pros and Cons of Wheelbarrows

    One of the main advantages of a garden wheelbarrow is its design that allows you to haul loose matter. Carts have a flatter design. A wheelbarrow tends to be deeper than a garden cart. Its design lends to greater maneuverability, which makes it easier to steer than a garden cart on non-smooth surfaces.

    Since many have one wheel, transporting loads requires balancing them correctly. If not, the wheelbarrow may tip over. This may not be the case with two-wheel or four-wheel wheelbarrows. Some people choose two- and four-wheel versions for heavier or larger loads. Some wheelbarrows have tires with air. One disadvantage of wheelbarrows that have air in their tires is the risk of flat tires. However, some types do have solid tires, but those can make transport rougher.

    Smaller wheelbarrows are easier to store than larger ones. If the product is metal, it's important to store it properly to avoid rust. One common space-saving way to store it is to use a wall rack.

    While there are several sizes of wheelbarrows, most people choose the 3- or 6-cubic-feet products. Many people wonder how many loads it takes to transport the material they plan to use. You may need to convert a load's cubic yardage to a wheelbarrow's cubic feet capacity. Transporting a cubic yard of material with a capacity of 3 cubic feet takes about nine wheelbarrow loads.

    Pros and Cons of Garden Carts

    There are several styles and types of garden carts. For example, you may find metal and plastic garden carts for sale. Although some metal products may have components that can rust, they may be more durable than one with thin plastic. A thicker polymer is more suitable for heavier use. However, any cart can get damaged if you overload it.

    Many carts can handle heavier loads than wheelbarrows, and they're designed to be stable. Also, carts carry the entire weight of the load. A wheelbarrow requires more effort from the operator. Some smaller carts can also fold up, which is great for easy storage and saving space.

    Carts can be harder to move on uneven lawns, gravel, or other rough terrains. However, on smoother surfaces, the wheels roll easier than a wheelbarrow. This is especially true with heavier items. Larger carts that do not fold up may take up more storage space. They're not as easy to hang on the wall as a wheelbarrow.

    When it comes to load capacity, there are more options with carts. You can also find different styles, like front trucks that tip forward and sit flush on the ground for easy scooping. Popular capacity choices are between 6 and 12 cubic feet.

    The Final Showdown: Wheelbarrow or Garden Cart?

    You now have a better idea of which product to pick based on needs like bulkier items or loose matter. Your needs and your budget may determine which option is better for you. For instance, polymer or plastic materials tend to cost less than high-quality metals. However, if you need something durable for heavy loads, be sure to pick a suitable material.

    Capacity choices also depend on the loads you are carrying. Perhaps you need something for regular lawn care needs and don't need a high-capacity cart. On the other hand, you may have a project like landscaping or creating window boxes and may need something that can handle heavier loads. Aside from capacity and material, read reviews to determine quality. Choose a product from a reputable manufacturer. If any products you're considering come with warranties, compare those as well.

    Pay attention to the handles of a cart or wheelbarrow. For wheelbarrows, ergonomic handles may be helpful. Look at the wheels to make sure the cart or wheelbarrow is sturdy. If you pick a wheelbarrow, decide whether you want solid or pneumatic tires. Be sure to have the supplies you need to care for pneumatic tires if you choose them.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    These are some questions that people frequently ask about yard carts and wheelbarrows.

    How do you pick a wheelbarrow?

    Pick one that has a capacity high enough to handle your intended use. Make sure you understand the difference between non-pneumatic and pneumatic tires to pick the right type. Also, pick one with comfortable and sturdy steering handles.

    What's the best wheelbarrow to get?

    The best one will have the right material and capacity for your needs. In addition to having suitable tires and handles, it should have good reviews.

    Are one or two wheels better for a wheelbarrow?

    It's better to have two wheels for heavier loads. However, one-wheel models are easier to steer and may be more suitable on rough terrain.

    Is a poly or steel wheelbarrow better?

    For heavier loads, steel is better with its durability. Poly or plastic products are fine as long as you stay within the load capacity limits.

    What's the difference between a wheelbarrow and a cart?

    Wheelbarrows can have one, two, or four wheels, and carts always have four wheels. They may also have different wheel materials. Additionally, a wheelbarrow's body design is deeper and more curved. The handle styles are also different.

    What's better than a wheelbarrow?

    A cart may be better if you're moving heavier or bulkier items across a smooth surface. It doesn't require as much physical effort.

    What are garden carts for?

    Garden carts are for hauling landscaping or gardening supplies. They may also be used to haul other items.

    How do I choose a garden cart?

    Pick one with a design that fits your needs for the things

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  15. Follow These Steps to Open Your Pool for Summer Fun
    Swimming pool chemicals and cleaning tools with pool in background

    If you have a pool, one of the most exciting parts of summer is the chance to finally go swimming. As the days get warmer, most homeowners count down the days until they can finally jump in the water again. However, after your pool's been sitting unused

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  16. Spruce Up Your Garden by Planting in a Feeding Trough
    large metal trough with plants

    Raised gardens can really bring an outdoor area to life. While you could buy new materials for a raised garden bed, a cheaper — and often more creative — option is to repurpose a feeding trough. These narrow containers are generally designed to hold wat

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  17. What Are the Best Pellets for Smoking? A Buying Guide
    small pile of wood pellets on table

    Barbeque chefs have long debated whether it's better to smoke with pellets or charcoal. Since there isn't consistent evidence showing that one is safer than the other, the choice comes down to personal preferences. Pellets tend to be more expensive. However,

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  18. The Ultimate Motor Oil Guide
    pouring automotive oil into engine

    Motor oil’s primary job is to lower heat and friction in your engine. With no motor oil to lubricate them, your motor's moving parts would rub directly against each other, heat up quickly and either melt together or rip each other to shreds within minutes. T

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  19. Car Maintenance Tips to Fix Your Car Yourself
    person the under hood of a car

    Whether it's from a lack of time or budget, we've all been tempted to skip car maintenance tasks. However, a little maintenance now can save you a lot more time and money down the road. Plus, many do-it-yourself auto repairs are relatively quick and easy.

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  20. Discover Multiple Ways to Use Diatomaceous Earth at Home
    gardener sprinkling diatomaceous earth on garden with trowel

    Made from fossilized algae, diatomaceous earth is a sandy substance that has multiple benefits and uses. Although primarily known for lawn care, this rock powder offers many other useful home applications. So, how do you use diatomaceous earth in your

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  21. Winterproofing Your Chicken Coop: How to Keep Chickens Warm in Winter
    four chickens walking in snow

    Raising your own chickens can be rewarding in many ways. But there are a lot of dos and don'ts to keeping a happy, healthy flock. One of the most important "dos" is to keep them warm enough during the cold-weather months. If you follow a few tips and

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  22. How to Remove Silicone Caulk
    person removing silicone caulk

    One of the most versatile building materials developed in the last 100 years, modern silicone caulk is used in a wide array of home improvement projects. However, all silicone caulk eventually breaks down to the point where it can't perform adequately

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  23. Best Winter Car Emergency Kit + Other Essentials
    SUV truck with portable shovel, window scrapper, and winter clothes

    Do you know what things to keep in your car in winter? A winter car safety kit is a must for every driver in areas where there are freezing temperatures. Most people know to pack water and a little food. However, there are several other winter car accessories

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  24. Tile Grout Repair: 5 Steps to Fully Repair Cracked Grout
    person repairing floor grout with float

    Maybe you're planning to put your house on the market or just want to do some improvements. If you're thinking about redoing a floor because of cracked grout, there's good news. You can fix damaged or cracked grout in most cases. How do you repair damaged

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