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Set your Thermostat for Comfort and Savings

The latest in thermostat technology is designed for you maximum comfort while being the most energy efficient. Whether you want to customize your home temperature settings for specific days of the week, have the ability to access your heating and cooling system from anywhere in the world or simply set your temperature manually, we have a thermostat to it your needs.

Programmable Thermostats

These thermostats let you set your thermostat to automatically adjust for different times of the day, week or weekends.

Common programmable thermostat settings include:

  • 7-day programming (different temperature setting for each day).
  • 5-1-1 programming (temperature setting for weekdays and each weekend day).
  • 5-2 programming (temperature setting for weekdays and the weekend).
  • 1-week programming (temperature setting for the whole week).

WiFi/Smart Thermostat

Provides the same convenience as a programmable thermostat, but includes smart technologies, such as:

  • The option to control your home’s temperature and monitor settings while on-the-go from a computer, tablet or mobile device.
  • Sensors to detect if your home or a particular room is occupied to adjust, turn on or turn off your heating and cooling system.
  • The ability to maximize efficiency by learning your home’s heating and cooling patterns.

Non-Programmable/Fixed Thermostat

A basic thermostat that requires you to manually adjust heating and cooling settings. Once temperature is set it will remain at that setting until you change it.

Thermostat Accessories

To complete your installation project we also carry motion sensors and thermostat guards.

Order your thermostat and accessories now and save on shipping when you choose Free Ship-to-Store.

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