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Space Heaters Keep You Toasty Warm, All-Winter Long

When the temperature drops, True Value?s huge selection of space heaters rises to the occasion. Wherever you want to add some extra warmth, in the house, on the patio or the garage, you?ll find the right heater.

Electric Space Heaters
These small, portable space heaters are the ideal way to keep cozy without raising the thermostat. True Value offers ceramic heaters and an infrared heaters that warm just the space you?re in, not the whole house. Place one near your chair in the living room. Or under the desk in your office.

Garage & Jobsite Heaters
In the garage or at a worksite, our variety of heaters will keep you comfortable when cold temps arrive. Pick the fuel you want to use and start shopping. True Value?s garage heaters are powered by propane, natural gas, kerosene or electricity.

Fireplace & Stove Heaters
For a more decorative look, consider a larger electric or gas fireplace heater or stove heater. They combine soothing heat with realistic log-burning flames for comfort and safety.

Patio Heaters
Don?t let a brisk night end your evening outside. A patio heater uses LP gas to the generate warm.

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