Holiday ornaments spray painted gold and black

Hi y’all, it’s Monica from Monica Wants It! The holidays are here! I always get really excited to see all the new décor out at my favorite stores… until I see the prices. Then I get really excited to recreate it at home for way less. I’m obsessed with black and gold lately, so I decided on black, white and gold as the color scheme for all the holiday décor in my home. Plus, it looks great all the way through New Year’s Eve.

Spray paint is a must have in any DIY arsenal, but today I’m excited to show you how to use my most favorite spray paint on earth, and it can be found at your local True Value store. The kind folks over at my local True Value already know me well—I snatch up about 3 or 4 cans on each visit. I’ve used it to revamp a desk, upcycle thrifted frames and to glam up an end table.

metallic gold spray paint, rubber bands, Scotch blue painters tape and black ornaments

Using metallic gold spray paint, rubber bands, Scotch Blue painter’s tape, and some painters pyramids (not pictured) we’ll transform some basic matte black ornaments into high-end, custom ornaments that come together in minutes.

The gold-dipped look can be found on anything from furniture legs to flatware, and now ornaments. Using some painter’s tape, tape off the area you don’t want spray-painted. I taped off the top to create gold dipped ornaments and reversed it to have the illusion of gold-topped (or black dipped) ornaments.

Since the ornaments are spherical, the tape won’t lay perfectly flat. I have a trick for this pesky problem.

black ornament with blue painters tape

Use a coin to gently smooth the tape edge to provide a tight seam that will create the perfect, factory finished look.


I taped the rest of my ornaments (2 on the bottom, 2 on the top part), and for the final 2 ornaments, I used 6 rubber bands on each ornament to haphazardly create some geometric lines and shapes. I also set aside the tops of each ornament to spray paint those, too.

ornaments with blue painters tape and rubber bands

Painting spheres can be tricky, but it’s nothing some painter’s pyramids and Styrofoam can’t handle, as seen below. If you don’t have Styrofoam, some floral foam would work, too.

painters pyramids

Now, it’s time to spray paint! This particular gold spray paint is super easy to work with and provides fantastic coverage in just 2 very light coats

painted ornament on painters pyramid

Once your ornaments are dry (about 20 minutes), gently remove the painter’s tape and rubber bands to reveal your oh-so-gorgeous creations.

painted ornaments

You can then place these on your Christmas tree or in an apothecary jar or use them as a centerpiece like I did. These branches have lasted me all holiday season (including fall and Halloween), and they’re spray painted the same gorgeous gold color.

hanging painted ornaments

Some fishing wire attached to ornaments helps create the illusion of “floating ornaments.” I also added in 3 crystals to help bling it up even more.

hanging painted ornaments

I hope this quick and easy tutorial will inspire you to jazz up those plain, solid colored ornaments you have in your home. True Value has so many spray paint color options, so the possibilities are truly endless. Enjoy!

hanging painted ornaments