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  1. Herb Ground Cover: Easy Mulch Alternative

    Front garden ground cover

    If you're seeking an alternative to mulching your garden beds while simultaneously growing herbs for fragrance or cooking, then look no further than planting herb ground cover. Ground cover works much the same way as mulch: It is a low-maintenance way

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  2. How To Remove a Tree Stump

    Tree stump to be removed from yard

    Tree stumps are often left in the ground for a reason — they can be very difficult to remove. Removing a tree stump is not as impossible as it seems though. In fact, with the right advice and tools, you can do the job yourself. Here are a few ways to g

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  3. How to Stripe Your Lawn Like a Pro

    Tidy lawn mower stripes

    You keep your lawn healthy and well-manicured but you can take it to the next level by mowing stripes into your yard. If you want your grass to have the professionally trimmed look of a baseball field or golf course, follow the steps below and make your

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  4. How to Patch & Repair Bare Spots in Your Lawn

    Grass seed growing in lawn

    Whether your yard is bald and bare, or the grass looks thin, one thing is certain — patchy lawns look terrible. Until automatic, self-repairing lawns are invented, the next best thing is quick and easy bare spot repair. Keep reading to find out how t

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  5. Design Your Own Landscape

    Diagram of backyard landscape design

    If you want your landscape to look like something out of a magazine, start by mapping out ideas for your yard now so you're ready for planting when it's warm enough.

    Step 1: Know What You Want

    Before putting anything on paper, think

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  6. How to Plant a Hedge

    Planting juniper shrub as hedge

    Hedges add year-round beauty to your landscaping and they can provide natural privacy fencing, wind buffering, and a safe haven for wildlife. Planting and maintaining hedges properly takes some preparation and know-how, but with the following instructions,

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  7. How to Build & Plant a Raised Garden Bed

    Raised garden beds built with wood

    Raised-bed gardens are a great way to grow vegetables and maximize gardening space almost anywhere in your yard. They are ideal for planting a garden in areas where soil is of poor quality, experiences poor drainage or is compacted. They are easy to weed,

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  8. How to Trim Trees & Bushes

    Trimming hedges with shears

    Cutting back tree and hedge growth keeps plants healthy, fosters growth and makes for a more attractive landscape. To get the best results, you should first understand the whys, whens and hows of trimming foliage for best results. Keep reading to learn

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  9. How to Dethatch and Aerate Your Lawn

    Dethatching lawn with thatching rake

    As fall fades into winter, it's time to combat two common lawn enemies: thatch and soil compaction. Thatch is the buildup of dead organic matter and, along with compacted soil, it can prevent your lawn's roots from getting enough water and air. Dethatching

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  10. How to Fertilize Your Lawn

    Spreading fertilizer on healthy lawn

    If you don’t regularly fertilize your lawn, you should. Fertilizer keeps grass healthy and green, and helps prevent weed growth. And, a vibrant lawn makes the rest of your home’s exterior look more appealing.

    Choose a Fertilizer


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  11. 4 Types of Lawn Damage (And How to Fix Them)

    Dead spots in grass on damaged lawn

    Your lawn takes a beating, season to season, from winter-weather salt damage, insects, rodents and birds, family pets, weeds and thatch. While there's not much you can do to prevent damage once it's been done, you can make repairs to get your lawn looking

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  12. How to Kill Crabgrass (And Keep It from Coming Back)

    Crabgrass growing in lawn

    Crabgrass is the bane of many lawn-loving homeowners. Not only does it muss the appearance of a perfect parcel of grass, it can also take it over, competing with grass for the water and nutrients it needs. Don’t give up your turf to this common invader.

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  13. How to Install a Sprinkler System

    Sprinkler system watering lawn

    With the turn of a knob, an underground sprinkler system can efficiently and evenly water your lawn. It's not a project for inexperienced DIYers, but installing a sprinkler system is something a handy homeowner can do to keep the lawn looking its best.

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  14. 4 Tips for Organic Lawn Care

    Kids laying in healthy green grass

    Homeowners spend quite a bit of time and money in the quest for a beautiful, lush green lawn. While chemical fertilizers and pesticides are often the go-to products for greener pastures, using them too much can be detrimental to your soil and the surrounding

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  15. How to Prevent & Kill Weeds

    Digging up weeds from landscaping

    Weeds can be problematic for any homeowner, especially since there are thousands of weed species in existence and about 25-30 of them can be found even in well-maintained turf. As you survey your lawn and garden, look for dandelions, milkweed, chickweed,

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  16. How to Start a New Lawn

    Laying sod to start a new lawn

    A thriving, green lawn is a source of pride for homeowners. While we do what we can to keep our lawns lush and healthy, sometimes it's necessary to patch or re-do an existing lawn.

    You can do this in two different ways: plant sod or seed your

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  17. Gardening 101: Seed Your Vegetable or Flower Garden

    Planting chickpea seeds in rows in spring garden

    It's time to plant the seeds that will get your garden started. Whether you're planting vegetables to eat or flowers to beautify your yard, this guide will get you growing.

    No matter which type of garden you want (veggie, flowers or a combination),

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  18. Beautify Your Deck

    Wicker patio furniture set on beautiful deck

    Does your deck look like an inviting oasis? Or something that's been left out in the rain? If the elements have taken their toll on yours — or if it just needs a bit of a lift — you've come to the right place.

    Barbecuing, relaxing and socializing wit

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  19. How to Build a Fire Pit

    How to Build a Fire Pit

    If you want to enjoy a starry summer night and relax around a campfire in your own backyard, you're not alone. A large and growing number of homeowners across the country are jumping onto the hot trend of backyard fire pits. Luckily, learning how to build

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  20. How to Build a Dog Kennel

    Puppies in outdoor dog kennel

    You can’t watch your dog every second. You love Fido, but let’s face it — many pets often need some alternative to round-the-clock supervision. Building a dog kennel might be just the job to offer security and assistance for your dog when you’re not aro

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  21. How to Build a Dog Run

    Dog running on mulch enclosed by fence

    Dogs need plenty of exercise and free reign to roam. This often can conflict, though, with your neighbors and the integrity of your landscaping. While a fence around your property can keep your dog enclosed and safe, it doesn’t keep your dog from doing w

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  22. How to Build a Sandbox

    Wood-framed sandbox filled with toys

    The sandbox has been a staple of child's play for decades. You can add this pile of fun and playground magic to your yard by building and installing a sandbox yourself. It just takes a weekend afternoon and a little know-how to get it done.


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  23. How to Build & Paint a Doghouse

    German shepherd resting in yellow painted doghouse

    Some dogs are simply outdoor dogs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need the comfort and shelter of their very own outside pad. If your dog prefers the outdoors, or you don’t always want to share your home, make a special place just for her by learning how t

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  24. How to Build a Horseshoe Pit

    Horseshoe pit game
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