1. Best Winter Car Emergency Kit + Other Essentials
    SUV truck with portable shovel, window scrapper, and winter clothes

    Do you know what things to keep in your car in winter? A winter car safety kit is a must for every driver in areas where there are freezing temperatures. Most people know to pack water and a little food. However, there are several other winter car accessories

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  2. Car Maintenance Tips to Fix Your Car Yourself
    person the under hood of a car

    Whether it's from a lack of time or budget, we've all been tempted to skip car maintenance tasks. However, a little maintenance now can save you a lot more time and money down the road. Plus, many do-it-yourself auto repairs are relatively quick and easy.

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  3. The Ultimate Motor Oil Guide
    pouring automotive oil into engine

    Motor oil’s primary job is to lower heat and friction in your engine. With no motor oil to lubricate them, your motor's moving parts would rub directly against each other, heat up quickly and either melt together or rip each other to shreds within minutes. T

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  4. How to Change Your Car's Oil
    Pouring new oil into car engine

    The most important routine maintenance you can perform on your vehicle is to change the oil regularly. You don't have to rely on quick-lube shops or mechanics. You can do it yourself, save money and get it done right. Keep reading to find out how.

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  5. Exterior Car Detailing in 6 Quick Steps
    Cleaning car tire with soapy sponge

    Outside of your home, your car is probably your most important investment. It takes a year-round beating from general wear and the elements. This wear and tear will show if you don’t regularly care for and maintain it. Whether it’s cleaning,

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  6. Interior Car Detailing in 6 Quick Steps
    Vacuuming front car seat

    While the condition of your car’s exterior usually makes the first impression, you don’t want to neglect its interior. A good rule of thumb is to keep the inside of your car just as clean and tidy as the inside of your home. To do this, start

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