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Tillers and Cultivators: Know the Difference Before You Buy

A garden tiller (also known as a rototiller) or cultivator can save you time, energy and effort when prepping the oil for your next landscaping or gardening project. Generally, tillers are used to break up the soil while cultivators are used to mix or blend soil. Whether you’re breaking new ground or maintaining an existing garden, we’ll help you decide if you need a tiller or cultivator to get the job done.

Use a tiller when you need heavy-duty digging power. These gas-powered machines are ideal for jobs where the soil is tough, compact and difficult to break up. There are two types of tillers:

Front-tine Tiller

  • For small to medium-size gardens.
  • Loosens soil that is firm and slightly hard to break up.
  • Maneuvers well in tight areas.
  • Easy to store and transport.
  • Front tines rotate forward to pull machine.

Rear-tine Tiller

  • Ideal for larger gardens.
  • Breaks up hard, rocky, clay soil.
  • Heavier and more powerful than a front-tine tiller.
  • Can have forward-, counter- or dual-rotating tines.

You need a cultivator when you’re preparing for planting season or maintaining a garden that has already been tilled. Available in gas- and electric-powered models, a cultivator is:

  • Ideal for small- to medium-size gardens.
  • Perfect for loosening or mixing soft soil or blending fertilizer or compost into your garden.
  • Helpful for weed control.
  • Easier to maneuver than a tiller.

True Value can help you maintain a healthy lawn and garden during any season. We’re your destination for quality products and supplies and we have the prices to fit your budget. Shop online and select free-Ship-To-Store to save on delivery.