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Table Top Humidifiers

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Fight Dry Winter Air with a Humidifier from True Value

Winter brings cold and snow, as well as dry, uncomfortable air. Just like drinking water is healthy for your body, so is adding moisture to the air. You’ll want to do this for the many benefits you’ll get including these. Quieter sleep instead of snoring due to dry sinuses and throats. Softer skin, not the flaking and cracking you get from dry skin and lips. Healthier air reduces the risk of colds and flu. No more shocks from static electricity.

When and Where to Use a Humidifier
A whole house humidifier is a great option. Some attach to your furnace or place one in your living room. A tabletop humidifier can be used in the bedroom throughout the night. Place it on a piece of furniture, not the floor, but not right next to the bed. And use it nightly to enjoy its full benefits.

Some humidifiers have humidistat controls or get a hygrometer to measure your home's humidity. Forty to 60% is a good level but should be adjusted based on comfort and outside temperature. Condensation on your windows is a sign there’s too much of a good thing, so lower your humidity.

Cool or Warm Mist Humidifiers
Both warm-mist and cool-mist humidifiers will add moisture to the air. Each has their own benefits so it’s your call. Cool-mist humidifiers are safer in a child’s room since warm-mist humidifiers actually boil water to add steam to the air. Warm-mist are also filter-free so you won't have a change dirty filters.

Evaporative humidifers are similar to cool-mist models, but use a wick and fan to distribute moisture.

Whichever humidifier you choose, be sure to clean your humidifier or change the humidifier filter regularly. If not, mold and other harmful elements might be spread.

Save on shipping costs when you choose a humidifier from True Value. Simply select the Ship to Store option and we’ll deliver it Free to your local True Value store.