Pure & Natural Water Softening Crystals, 50 Lbs.


Pure & Natural Water Softening Crystals, 50 Lbs.


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Morton, 50 LB, Pure & Natural Water Softener Salt is made from all natural, high purity salt crystals. For the many households that have hard water, it is a natural solution for softer water that provides many added benefits. Using Morton Water Softener Salt Crystals help not only to decrease the buildup hard water can cause in pipes and appliances and make dishes easier to clean, but also leave hair and skin feeling softer after washing and bathing. To continue to see the benefits of Morton Water Softener Salt Crystals, it is recommended that every other month you add between two and four new bags to your tank, depending on the number of people in your household. In order to make carrying and pouring our 40 lb. bags easier, this bag features a sturdy plastic handle and an easy-tear opening., Bagged. NSF Certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 60.
  • No chemicals or additives
  • Harvested naturally from salt water
  • High purity salt crystals reduce brine tank clean outs
  • Selectively sized for water softening
  • Reduces mushing, bridging and channeling
  • Helps soaps and detergents lather better
  • Helps prevent hard water spots on faucets, dishes and tile
  • Helps prevent scale build-up in water heaters and pipes
  • Helps keep laundry and appliances stain free
  • Convenient patch handle


Country of Origin:US
Package Width:13.5
Package Length:21.0
Package Height:5.5
Model Number:F149800000G
Assembled Length:22.0
Assembled Width:14.0
Assembled Height:4.5
Manufacturer Name:MORTON SALT INC