Revamped bathroom

Living in a little cape has its challenges. One of the main challenges is the teeny tiny main bathroom. It's a 4ft by 9ft space, and we have re-vamped it three times since moving in.

When we first moved in I decided to go bold and take advantage of the small space by making a big impact and painting the walls black! I loved it for a long time, because it worked really well with the vintage vibe in the space.

Bathroom Revamp

Of course like any designer I got tired of it when everyone started painting their walls black, and just like that we decided to revamp it again. This time I went with a blue/green/gray shade on the walls and added in pops of citron and red.

Bathroom Revamp

The itch for a change struck again once Ash arrived, but as a tired new momma of two I wanted to leave the paint color as is and just switch out the accessories for a new look.

One of the main reasons for the latest revamp was the state of our vanity top.

vanity top

It was full of nicks and bubbles in the finish. Not eye pleasing at all, and Jon and I were both sick of it. I knew right away that acrylic sheeting (aka Lucite) was going to be our budget-friendly solution.

Design-wise I wanted to amp up the color and make it a bit more fun for the boys. I ended up going a bit mad hatter in the space, but I'm loving it.

bathroom sink and vanity top
painted mirror frame
wall art
hand towel
shower curtain and bathroom floor mat
window treatments

Isn't it a breath of fresh air? I love all of the colors that the colorful shower curtain inspired.

The big DIY project in the space was tackling the vanity top. We picked up a piece of acrylic sheeting and then used a Dremel to cut it down to size.

acrylic sheeting and Dremel tool

Since we have a bowl sink we needed to do a little extra work with the acrylic sheeting in order to have it fit around the bowl. We used a stripe of aluminum and formed it around the base to get the exact size/shape of the opening we would need to cut out of the acrylic.

aluminum stripe
aluminum stripe on bottom of sink bowl

We used that to make a template and then got to work with the dremel to cut down the sides and the opening for the sink base.


In order to prep our vanity surface we used a scraper to get a flat surface.


My favorite thing to do with acrylic is paint the underside of it. With 2 cans of spray paint and painters tape you can get this:

finished vanity top

It’s such an easy project – you can see more details on the painting process here.