Monthly Project Checklist

Grab These Tools & Tackle Any Task

  • 1. Fertilizer Spreader

    Spread fertilizer evenly and uniformly over your lawn. A fertilizer spreader helps prevent damage from unwanted application of large amounts of fertilizer. Shop Now

    Tip: Use it only for fertilizer (not, for example, ice melt) to prevent damaging your grass.

    Scotts fertilizer spreader

  • 2. Aerator

    Aerate your lawn to maximize water absorption and maintain proper growth. Shop Now

    Tip: A handheld aerator is an inexpensive option that also lets you aerate small areas.

    Yard Butler aerator

  • 3. Hand Weeder

    A hand weeder removes the weed and the root so it won’t grow back – and it’s chemical-free. Shop Now

    Tip: Hand weeders vary from just a few dollars to high-end models. An inexpensive option works well for most weeding jobs.

    Green Thumb weeder

  • 4. Lawn Mower

    Keeping your grass at optimum height is vital. Choose from reel, electric, battery or gas-powered mowers. Shop Now

    Tip: A battery-operated mower has no cord to get in the way and is eco-friendly.

    Yard Machines lawn mower

  • 5. Lawn Shears

    Trim areas of your lawn that are hard to reach with a mower. Some shears have long handles so you can trim while standing. Shop Now

    Tip: Motorized lawn shears are also available and can make the job easier.

    Lawn shears

  • 6. Leaf Rake

    Leaf rake tines are longer and more flexible than garden rakes, so you can gather debris with less effort. Shop Now

    Tip: Choose one with an ergonomic handle to prevent back strain.

    True Temper leaf rake

  • 7. Shovel or Spade

    Shovel blades vary in shape that make removing debris simple. Shop Now

    Tip: Have the blade sharpened each spring to make jobs easier.

    Razor Back shovel

  • 8. Hose

    A garden hose is essential for keeping plants and grass healthy. Choose the right length for the size of your lawn. Shop Now

    Tip: Some hoses recoil to a small lightweight shape when empty for easier storage.

    Green Thumb hose

  • 9. Wheelbarrow

    A wheelbarrow is useful for moving tools, materials and debris, especially if the bin has high sides. Shop Now

    Tip: Replacing the wheel? Choose a non-pneumatic tire – it won’t go flat.

    Green Thumb wheelbarrow

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