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Lawn Mowers — Electric, Reel & Gas

You know that it's summer when the sun is shining, the sprinklers are spraying, and the days are long. There are barbecues to attend, baseball games to watch and grass to cut. Summer is the busiest time of year for most homeowners and weekly opportunities for yard improvements abound. True Value has all of the landscaping, hand and power tools and outdoor power equipment you need to finish your projects as effectively as possible.

Whether you're new to mowing the lawn or a seasoned pro, you'll find the lawn mower that meets your physical abilities and experience level. Push lawn mowers fall into three main categories:

Electric Lawn Mowers: With corded and cordless models available, you can select the right option for your situation. Cordless models operate with a rechargeable battery that provides ample time for clean-energy lawn mowing.

Gas Lawn Mowers: Small amounts of unleaded gasoline power the most popular models of lawn mowers on the market today. Accomplish your goals by choosing from our wide selection, including models with high-horsepower, self-propelled lawn mowers and adjustable blade heights for custom cutting.

Reel Lawn Mowers: The time-tested lawn mower that requires no fuel — only pure manpower. Reel lawn mowers have reemerged as more people strive to live greener lives. Reel lawn mowers have adjustable cutting heights and all the tools necessary for a great looking lawn.

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