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When to Choose a Riding Mower

True Value offers riding mowers with 38 to 54-in. decks. The larger the deck, the larger the blade and the faster the job gets done. A larger fuel tank of 2.5 to 3 gallons also reduces refueling interruptions.

The transmission type you select should be determined by the terrain of your yard.

  • Manual: Provides more control on hilly terrains. Lower gears give more power, while higher gears provide more speed. You will have to stop the mower to change speeds or go from forward to reverse.
  • Automatic: Ideal for almost any lawn, including those with trees, flowerbeds or other obstacles. An automatic transmission features a pedal speed control much like a car. There is no stopping to change speeds.
  • Hydrostatic Automatic: Ideal for almost any terrain. Provides smooth operation with no stopping to change speeds. The sealed system uses fluid to drive pumps that control speed. Hydrostatic transmissions require less maintenance with longer life.
  • Shift Transmission: Offers a unique combination of transaxle and multi-speed drive for near effortless operation with no-clutch, on-the-go shifting as you mow.
  • Cruise Control: Available on many Husqvarna models provides the ultimate in mowing ease. It is ideal for large straight areas with few obstacles.

Riding Lawn Mowers vs. Zero-Turn Mowers

If you are looking to mow more than a half acre at a time, you may want to consider investing in a riding lawn mower, or lawn tractor. These lawn mowers offer greater power and speed than push mowers, at a competitive price. Many riding lawn mowers also offer additional features or attachments to improve your mowing experience. But, these mowers have wider turn radii, which can make mowing around obstacles a challenge.

Another option for riding lawn mowers to consider is a zero-turn mower. These mowers offer greater control and efficiency than other riding lawn mowers because they have a lower center of gravity and larger, more powerful engines. Zero-turn mowers allow you to turn on a dime, which makes navigating around obstacles a breeze. If your lawn is very large (one acre or more) or consists of difficult terrain, a zero-turn mower might be the right choice for you.

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