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A Generator Powers Your Life in an Emergency

When storms hit, keep the power on with a generator. A generator provides the power you need to keep lights on and essential appliances running no matter what's happening outside. True Value carries a wide selection of portable and standby generators in varying sizes and power outputs to meet your needs.

Portable Generators
A portable generator not only keeps your home lit during outages, but it's also perfect for worksites, campsites or even tailgating. A portable generator is powered by gasoline so be sure to have gas cans at the ready.

  • Most effective during short power outages
  • Easy to move, transport and store
  • Less expensive than a standby generator
  • Starts manually

Standby Generators
A standby generator is installed outside of your home and runs on your home's natural gas or propane -- so you don't have to worry about refueling. It has a transfer switch that is connected to your home’s existing wiring so if the power shuts off it automatically transfers your home’s circuits to the backup power of the generator within seconds -- whether you're home or not.

  • Automatically turns on when it senses a power outage and turns off when power returns
  • Can accommodate HVAC systems and home appliances that require a lot of electricity
  • Prevents frozen pipes and sump pump malfunctions
  • Features longer run times since it's usually hooked up to your home's natural gas or propane

Generator Accessories
Keep your generator up and running smoothly with our extensive assortment of maintenance kits, generator covers, battery heaters, transfer switches, power and adaptor cords.

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