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Make Watering Easy with a Lawn Sprinkler

A lawn sprinkler is an essential part of any yard care watering routine. It helps you save time and energy while keeping your grass, trees and shrubs thriving. A sprinkler provides efficient coverage, conserves water and makes hydrating your lawn and garden a hands-free project.

Types of Lawn Sprinklers
We have many styles that connect to a standard garden hose. Let us help you choose the sprinkler most suitable for your watering needs.

  • Oscillating Sprinkler: Features a metal arm that sprays water back and forth in a fan shape. For medium to large lawns and gardens.
  • Impulse Sprinkler: Shoots out jets of water in an adjustable circular pattern. Also called an impact sprinkler. Ideal for large lawns and gardens.
  • Rotary Sprinkler: Designed with two or more arms that rotate to spray water in a complete circle. Direction and distance of spray can be adjusted to target specific areas. Use for small to medium lawns and gardens.
  • Traveling Sprinkler: Water pressure drives a tractor-shaped sprinkler across your yard. Offers wide-area coverage. Perfect for land that is hilly or uneven.

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