1. The Ultimate Guide to Types of Levels
    man holding yellow level tool

    For any type of job, it is essential to have the right tools. Levels are important for making sure something is perfectly straight. In some cases, they may just be helpful. In others, they may be critical. For example, a level is helpful for hanging pictures

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  2. Types of Safety Clothing for DIY Projects: A Comprehensive Guide
    various safety equipment set on table

    Clothing safety is an area of safety that is sometimes overlooked. It only takes a split second for a chemical spill, fall, or other accident to cause an injury. For any type of DIY project, it's important to have the right safety clothes and gear. Safety

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  3. You May Not Know These 11 Uses for Dish Soap
    bottle of dish soap sitting on clean countertop

    With more people using dishwashers today, it may seem like washing with liquid soap isn't as common. However, there are plenty of other uses for

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  4. Making a Convertible DIY Outdoor Ping Pong Table
    people outside playing ping poing on a DIY ping pong table

    Table tennis, or ping pong as many call it, is the perfect game for social gatherings. It's easy for people of all ages to play, and it's a great bonding activity. However, ping pong tables are big, which means it's challenging to find a place for them.

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