Update your garage floor with RUST-OLEUM RockSolid Kit

Watch @an.adorned.adobe show how she saved thousands with her DIY Epoxy Garage Floor

Reel Highlights

Step 1: Visit Your Local True Value

Shop RUST-OLEUM Rock Solid Garage Floor Coating and other Garage Floor products at your local True Value Store

visit your true value store for all your DIY needs

Step 2: Read Instructions

Prep is the most important. Be sure to read the instructions for your product & take your time!. @an.adorned.adobe used RUST-OLEUM Rock Solid Garage Floor Coating Instructions (PDF new window). RockSolid is a garage floor coating that is 20 times stronger than epoxy. Its high-gloss finish protects concrete from salt and chemical spills.

Woman prepping floor

Step 3: Prep Floors

Use a heavy-duty degreaser to clean the floors

Step 4: Conrete Etch

Scrub the floors with the included concrete etch.

Woman applying conrete etch

Helpful Tip

Tips Make sure you give your floor adequate dry time after cleaning!

Step 5: Apply Product

Roll on the product. Its important not to skimp on the material. Lay it on thick!

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