Painted gold and silver pine cones

If you’re looking for fun, crafty and creative ideas to decorate your home this holiday season, consider using spray paint to add a distinctive finish to just about anything. Whether you want to repurpose old ornaments, or create a dazzling, custom table centerpiece, spray paint can add life and verve to your seasonal décor. Keep reading to find out how.

Step 1. Pick Your Paintable Holiday Decorations

Choose what type of materials you want to spray paint this holiday season. If you’re decorating on a budget or you want to make a creative holiday statement, almost anything can be refreshed, revitalized or remade with a dusting of spray paint. Holiday decorating ideas using spray paint include:

  • Pinecones – A few pinecones can be covered with metallic spray paint and used to anchor a colorful and festive table centerpiece with natural greenery.
  • Artificial wreaths, fruit and trees – Do you have any old and tired-looking wreaths or artificial fruit collecting dust in the attic? Give them new life with sparkly or frosty spray paint.
  • Tea lights – Create custom tea lights by painting plain ones to match or complement your interior décor. Place them on mantels, tables and windowsills for added glow and warm ambiance.
  • Candlesticks – Old, beaten-up candlesticks can be renewed with a coat of paint to match your new dining table centerpiece.
  • Picture frames and mirrors – If you have seasonal artwork you decorate with during the season, consider painting frames for an additional holiday touch. The same goes for an old mirror with a frame that’s seen better days. Touch it up with a coat of metallic gold or silver spray paint.
  • Pots and planters – Pots and planters can be turned into perennial holiday favorites in vibrant color(s) of your choice.
  • Ornaments – Give a new spin to beaten up or outdated ornaments for your tree.
  • Old lamps or light fixtures – Lamps and light fixtures that have seen better days can be modernized with a fresh coat of spray paint.

Step 2. Prepare for Painting

Find a workspace. If you don’t have a designated workshop, find another area to work in, such as the garage. Work in a well-ventilated space since fumes from spray paint can be very potent in an enclosed area—working in an open garage or outside offers the best ventilation.

Safety Alert!

Never spray paint near extreme heat or an open flame. Spray paint is flammable and can ignite.

If you have to work inside, open a nearby window to ventilate the room and cover your workspace’s table and floor with plastic sheeting or drop cloths. Use painter’s tape to mask any areas of the item that you don’t want painted.

Remember to properly clean and repair items before painting. Paint doesn’t adhere to dirt or damaged areas. Use a sponge or cloth with mild detergent and water to wipe dust and grime off the items and then allow them to dry. Some items may need to be lightly sanded before painting, for better paint adhesion.

Step 3. Spray Paint

Choose your colors and finishes. Consider how you want the finished piece to look. Aerosol paints come in flat, semi-gloss or high-gloss finishes. Also, take some time to think again about the color you want and how it will work with the rest of your holiday décor. Shake a can of True Value X-O Rust Paint/Primer in One vigorously for a couple of minutes before painting. Remove the lid and align the nozzle so it is pointing in the direction you will be painting. Hold the can at the top and use your index finger to depress the nozzle. Spray on a coat of X-O Rust Paint/Primer in One. Hold the can about 8” to 12” from the object you're painting and keep the can moving to avoid excess paint that can drip. Moving your hand in a steady, sweeping motion provides the best results. Apply several light coats.

Helpful Tip

For best results, apply a second coat of paint within an hour of applying the first coat.

Safety Alert!

Wear gloves and safety glasses when using spray paint to avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Step 4. Clean Up

Pick up any drop cloths or plastic sheeting that you used to protect your table and floors. Dispose of used spray paint cans appropriately. Check your local municipality’s regulations on disposing of spray paint cans and other potentially hazardous materials. Next, if you used painter’s tape to mask, remove it at a 45-degree angle to avoid removing any fresh paint. Remember that the longer it stays on, the harder it is to remove.

Helpful Tip

After using spray paint, tip the can upside down and depress the nozzle for a few seconds until paint stops coming out. Next, wipe off the nozzle with a cloth. This helps prevent the nozzle from being clogged the next time you use the can.

Congrats! You’ve used spray paint to make your holiday decorating creative and inspired.

Project Shopping List

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