Hi! It’s Taryn from Design, Dining and Diapers! Since the New Year I’ve been busy working on our new family room (you can see peeks of it here), and I’m finally in the stage of pulling all the little details together and filling blank wall space. During our inspection we learned that there are several pipes running behind one of the walls in our family room and were advised not to hang anything on the walls in that section. Eeek! If I can’t hang anything what do I do? So I decided to hang something from the ceiling!

DIY Industrial Hanging Pots

I love the current trend of hanging indoor pots. I am a neutral girl and the only real color I like to use is a pop of greenery. These were the perfect solution to my little issue!

Industrial Hanging Pot

These hanging pots were very easy to make and are very cost effective.


two pieces of wood

Start by cutting two pieces of wood sized 8” X 8” X 1”. Your sizes may vary depending on the size of pots you are trying to hang.

rounded edges

Then, using your mouse sander, carefully round the edges for a more polished look.

stained wood

Next, stain the wood with one coat of Minwax Dark Walnut and a topcoat of Minwax Weathered Gray and seal it with Polycrylic.

Using a 3/16 drill bit, drill a hole in each corner for the rope.

string through a hole

I found that a matchstick is actually the perfect size to help push the string through the hole. Once through you will need to double knot it to make sure it is secure.

industrial pulley

I found these awesome industrial pulleys to use as my ceiling hooks. Love them!

DIY Industrial Hanging Pots

Finally, level the base and then carefully place your pots on top!