For me, fall means leaves crunching, apple cider sipping and fire-crackling good times. To maximize the frequency of these good times, we recently created a cozy outdoor space with some new furniture and an outdoor fireplace. It is a great spot to land at the end of a long week… grab a favorite snack and cocktail and let the weekend begin! However, a storage container of some sort was needed for all the firewood. I searched and searched and then decided to build our own. This project couldn’t be easier – basic carpentry skills is all you will need! I love it because it is a bit modern, yet rustic. We are using ours outside, but it would be a great storage idea for inside too.

DIY Fire Log Holder

Here is what you will need to put together your own fire log holder. The finished size of our holder is 41” tall, 27” wide, 13” deep, and it fits logs perfectly.

DIY Fire Log Holder

How to:
1. Cut 3 spindles to 10 ¾ inches long.
2. Cut 4 pieces to 40 ¾ inches.
3. Cut 4 pieces to 24 inches.

wood cut for fire log holder

4. Using screw set, countersink your holes for the screws.

screw set
screwing frame together

5. Screw the 2 inch screws creating the frame you see pictured.
6. Stain the entire piece and let dry according to the label.

staining frame

Load it up with wood and get ready to enjoy your outdoor space!

fire log holder filled with firewood
Finished DIY Fire Log Holder