Paint & Stain

  1. A Laundry Room Renovation with Fresh Cottage Style
    A Laundry Room Renovation with Fresh Cottage Style

    Lynette from Cleverly Simple takes her laundry room from drab to fab with EasyCare paint found at her

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  2. How to Paint a Ceiling Fan
    Ceiling fan and support beams painted white

    Updating a ceiling fan is often part of a room makeover or remodel. You don’t have to replace the fan though. You can simply refurbish it with a coat of paint to match your room’s new look. Keep reading for tips on how to put a new spin on an old, dat

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  3. How to Restore a Wood Outdoor Bench
    Refinished outdoor wood bench on patio

    Your wood patio bench was once the best seat outside the house — a place to socialize, relax or just sit back and watch your garden grow. But age, wear, sun and rain can take a big toll on outdoor wood furniture, marring its surface and stealing its l

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  4. How to Paint a Stone Fireplace
    Stone fireplace painted white with classic decor

    A natural stone fireplace can be a compelling, rustic centerpiece for a room. However, if you’re looking to blend the fireplace with a different aesthetic when moving into a new home or you are simply looking for an update, try painting the fireplace t

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  5. Refresh Your Front Door with EasyCare Paint
    Painting front door masking window with tape

    Chelsea from Someday I'll Learn offers a step-by-step tutorial on freshening up your front door with EasyCare

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  6. How to Stain Concrete
    Stained concrete floor in modern house

    If you want to give your concrete surfaces just a tinge of color versus the look of a solid paint color or plain concrete, consider staining your concrete surface this weekend. Concrete stain works similarly to paint, and is very simple and quick to apply

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  7. Transform Your Fireplace Mantel In 20 Minutes
    Amitha Verma painting fireplace mantel

    Amitha Verna shows you how to transform a fireplace mantel in 20 minutes with her Belgian Blue Chalk Finish Paint.

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  8. How to Restore a Fireplace Mantel
    Refinished wood fireplace mantel with homey decor

    Before central heating, a home’s fireplace was traditionally a point of congregation for warmth and quality family time. Even if you don’t use your fireplace that often, the fireplace mantel still is a focal point in many living rooms today. Keep you

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  9. How to Paint Window Shutters
    Painting white wood shutters yellow

    Shutters are great accents to windows but not if they look shabby and in need of a new finish. Even if they are in great-looking shape, you can change up the appearance of your home by painting shutters a new accent color. You can renew your shutters,

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  10. My 5 Quick Tips for an Easy Paint Job
    My 5 Quick Tips for an Easy Paint Job

    Make your next paint job easier with these five quick tips from Cleverly Simple.

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  11. How to Paint an Ombre Wall
    Blue and white ombre effect on stucco wall

    If you’re looking for an interior ambiance that is a little bit out of the ordinary yet contemporary and fashionable, look no further than ombré painting. Ombré is a hot trend in interior painting that adds drama and interest to walls by gradually ble

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  12. How to Paint Vinyl Siding
    Painting wood siding on home exterior

    Painted surfaces on your home’s vinyl exterior take a beating from sunlight and the elements. Ultraviolet radiation, moisture and temperature fluctuations cause color loss, peeling and flaking, which can make your home’s vinyl exterior look shabby ove

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  13. How to Spray Paint Outdoor Light Fixtures
    Spray painted outdoor lantern

    Outdoor light fixtures brighten up your property but their surfaces can become dulled by the elements over time. Freshen them up and make them look new with a coat of spray paint this weekend. Keep reading to find out how.

    Step 1: Remove the

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  14. How to Paint an Outdoor Planter or Trellis
    Painting outdoor planter with stencil

    Planters and trellises are great additions to your patio, deck or garden. They accent your landscaping and complement existing lawn and garden features to help you create an

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  15. How to Spray Paint Plastic Chairs & Furniture
    Colorful plastic chairs outdoors

    Weather and sun can fade your plastic patio chairs’ appearance over time, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw them out and replace them. You can use spray paint to renew and brighten them up. This is a simple weekend project for anyone with any lev

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  16. How to Paint or Stain Your Outdoor Furniture
    Refinished porch swing with blue pillows

    Your outdoor furniture receives the worst of Mother Nature's extremes. Over time, wood, metal and plastic furniture pieces can begin to look worn from the weather. But (shhh, don't tell our furniture buyer this), there's no need to replace what isn't

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  17. How to Paint Your Garage Door
    Garage doors painted gray
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  18. How to Paint Your Garage Floor
    Painting garage floor with roller on extension pole

    A great way to enhance the appearance of your garage is by painting its floor. A painted garage floor not only looks better than bare concrete, but the paint protects the floor and can make it last longer. While it may seem like a big undertaking, the

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  19. Best Ways to Paint Wrought Iron
    Painted wrought iron furniture on patio

    Wrought iron railings, fences and patio furniture have been a classically elegant staple of homes for decades. Over time, exposed to the elements, wrought iron can become pitted and rusty and in need of refinishing.

    Even if your wrought iron pieces

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  20. How to Spray Paint Metal
    Spray painted metal fence

    Painting drywall, wood, and masonry surfaces aren't the only way to update your home's interior or exterior. You can also update or customize metal surfaces with paint to create a dazzling makeover effect.

    Painting iron railings, mailboxes, patio

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  21. How to Fix Peeling Paint
    Yellow peeling paint

    Walls with peeling paint can make your home look poorly maintained. And not only does it look bad, it often means there’s a larger problem with moisture on your exterior walls. Find out why it’s happening and how you can fix it by following the steps bel

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  22. Use Paint Thinner Properly
    Smooth paint dripping from bush into can

    While latex-based primers and paints are convenient and versatile, oil-based primers and paints still are good choices in certain applications. However, if you are going to use oil-based products, you will need to know how to properly use paint thinners

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