Paint & Stain

  1. How I Painted My Concrete Garage Floor: Before & After
    Painted concrete garage floor

    Hi! I'm Taryn from Design, Dining and Diapers, a blog where I talk about DIY tutorials, home decor, crafts and occasionally a few recipes. I'm so excited to be on the True

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  2. How to Paint Neutral Over Bright Walls
    Bright green walls with brown patches

    Do you have a room in your home that has wild, bright or dark color walls? One that needs a new color to update it? In my house I had such a room… with not one, but two tones of neon green! I bet you can tell that this was once the room of a teenager. S

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  3. My Tips & Tricks to Store Leftover Paint
    Leftover paint storage

    If you are a homeowner and tackle DIY and home improvement projects, then I am pretty sure you have a few cans of paint hanging around in your basement or garage that are leftover from previous projects.

    I probably have more than most people

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  4. My Patio Door Makeover: Before & After
    Exterior wood doorframe

    Never underestimate the power of paint. However, today I’m taking paint outside the home and writing about how to revamp exterior spaces with paint. The process is a little different than interior painting since it requires a bit more prep work, but i

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  5. How to Connect Rooms with Cohesive Color Flow
    Connected rooms sharing green and white color scheme

    Beautiful interior design calls for harmonious use of color. Adjoining rooms painted in colors that clash can have an undesirable effect. Create flow between rooms by using a color scheme that smoothly brings your rooms together in a unified way.

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  6. Enlarge Any Room with Color
    Living room painted to look bigger with monochromatic colors

    We've all dreamed of a bigger bedroom or perhaps a larger living room or den. Adding extra space isn't always an option. However, creating the illusion of a larger room is. A clever application of the right paint and the right colors can easily and inexpensively

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  7. From Blah to Beautiful: My Front Door Paint Job
    Front door painted red

    I live very close to my parents, so I pop over quite a bit during the week. Every time I go to their house I'm met with this wooden door in a brick/terracotta shade that has been like this for decades!

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  8. How to Paint Wall Stripes
    Bedroom with gray and white striped walls

    Adding stripes to your walls is a faux-painting technique that gives a wallpaper-like effect to any room in your house. Using paint as opposed to wallpaper lets your creativity flow. Paint gives you the freedom to create original, personalized vertical

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  9. Color Psychology: Choosing Home Color Schemes
    Open paint cans with variety of colors

    A color scheme brings cohesiveness to your home's appearance. But how do you go about choosing one that reflects your personality and tastes? It's not as simple as choosing your favorite colors and then starting to paint.

    Creating the perfect

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  10. How to Repair & Paint Closet Doors
    Closet doors painted blue

    You probably don't think regularly about your closet doors. Keeping them maintained and looking good, though, can boost your home's overall appeal. Plus, simple maintenance makes it easier to get in and out of your closet.

    Some quick repairs and

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  11. Best Ways to Antique Furniture
    Antique sideboard painted white

    If you have furniture in your house that needs some added character, "antiquing" is one way to go. Antiquing furniture is a DIY faux-painting technique that gives furniture an aged or antique appearance. Whether the piece is new or old, you can easily

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  12. How to Paint Your Ceiling & High Walls
    Ceiling fan hanging from blue porch ceiling

    High ceilings and walls make a home feel open, spacious and stately. When it’s time to paint them though, it may at first seem like a daunting task. It’s not, as long as you know how to safely close the gap between your brush and the surfaces you wan

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  13. How to Add Texture to Your Walls
    Textured beige walls with white baseboard

    If simple, painted walls don't fit into your sense of style and your vision for your indoor space, there are a number of ways to add texture and nuance to enliven your rooms. Whether it's using wallpaper, textured paint, joint compound or a faux finish,

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  14. Paint Using the Strié Technique
    Orange strie texture

    Strié painting is a decorative faux finish that gives walls the appearance of being covered with fine fabric. The technique utilizes brushes and paint glaze to create a soft, subtle striped appearance on walls without the hassle of applying wallpaper.

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  15. How to Paint Over a Faux Finish
    Sanding wall smooth to paint

    A faux finish on your walls can be a beautiful touch to your room, but if it’s outdated or you simply want a change, it’s not always as simple as just painting over it. Prepping the surface and priming it correctly are essential to painting over a fau

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  16. How to Paint Laminate Counters, Cabinets & Furniture
    Laminate kitchen counter painted black

    Many homes today are filled with laminate surfaces, whether they are kitchen cabinets or bath countertops, or inexpensive, ready-to-install bookshelves, desks or other furniture. Because these surfaces aren’t porous like natural wood or stone, you can’t sim

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  17. Create a Bathroom Retreat with Color
    Modern gray and white bathroom

    If your bathroom is old, outdated or has a clinical feel, turn it into a spa-style retreat. While there are a number of things you can do to create a bathroom getaway, sometimes all it takes is a new color scheme and a fresh coat of paint. It's like getting

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  18. How to Sponge Paint Clouds on Your Wall or Ceiling
    Sponge-painted cloud pattern

    If you’re looking for a distinctive and creative approach to painting, try painting clouds on the walls or ceiling. Painting convincing clouds isn’t as difficult as it sounds, and it’s a fun, artistic project for the whole family.

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  19. How to Paint Faux Marble & Granite Countertops
    Kitchen with marble countertop

    Marble and granite countertops in kitchens and bathrooms are beautiful and highly sought-after decorative home accents. However, they can be expensive, heavy and hard to install. Luckily, you don’t have to swap out your laminate countertops to get a m

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  20. Faux Suede Painting Techniques
    Bedroom with faux suede painted walls

    Faux suede is a decorative painting technique that has grown in popularity because of the soft and elegant texture it provides to plain, ordinary walls. While faux suede paint can be bought in a can, you can save money and add a personal touch to your

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  21. How to Paint Wood Siding
    red painted siding building with white trim

    If you have wood siding, you know how great it looks when it's well-maintained. You may have also noticed how worn it looks when time and the elements have gotten the upper hand.

    A new paint job will increase your home's beauty while protecting

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  22. Paint Ideas: Color Palettes from the World
    Blue painted medina in Chefchaouen, Morocco

    If you're bored with the paint colors in your home and are interested in trying something different, don't hesitate to look outside the United States for inspiration. You can find many popular color combinations from other countries. Whether you'd like

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  23. How to Paint Stucco & Other Rough Exteriors
    Painting stucco wall with roller

    Freshening up your home's exterior is a big, but rewarding, job. If your home's walls are stucco or brick, or if you're painting landscaping walls or other rough-textured features, the job can be a bit more challenging than painting smooth surfaces. As

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  24. My Bathroom Makeover: Elegance with Paint Stripes
    Stripes painted on bathroom wall

    There is nothing better than an easy update that can instantly change the entire look of a room – it’s called the power of paint. While changing a color can significantly transform a room, going one step further and adding stripes to your walls can cre

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