Safety & Security

  1. Rising Waters: How to Keep Your Home Safe from Flood Damage
    Flood water near home with sandbags at front door

    Did you know that flood damage in the United States has cost home and business owners nearly $75 billion in the last three decades? It's difficult to imagine, but those images of flooded homes and neighborhoods are a harsh reality millions face.

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  2. Before the Storm: How to Prepare for Hurricanes at Home
    Hurricane Season: Prepare Now

    One of nature's most potent forces, the hurricane, often catches homeowners by surprise. Not only do coastal communities face punishing winds, but storm surges can also cause rising tide levels and floods. Even inland, many areas see storm damage, flooding,

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  3. The Complete Guide to a Safe Home With the Right Fire Extinguisher
    Fire Extinguisher in kitchen

    Fire extinguishers have varied ratings and categories to tackle different types of fires, making selecting the right one for your home challenging. The good news is that information is available to simplify your decision.A good rule of thumb is to

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  4. How Do You Prepare for Wildfires? Wildfire Preparedness Checklist
    wildfire preparedness

    About 4.5 million homes are at risk of being burned in a wildfire, and nearly one-half are in California. In 2021, California, Texas and North Carolina had the most wildfires. Anyone who lives in an area where there is significant risk of a wildfire must

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  5. What Is the Best Type of Generator?

    What is the best type of generator? What do generators run on? These are common questions buyers ask before purchasing a generator. There

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  6. Carbon Monoxide Detector: Full CO Safety Guide
    carbon monoxide alarm on ceiling

    You've learned about the importance of carbon monoxide detectors, and now you're ready to buy one. Where is the best place to mount a

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  7. Best Winter Car Emergency Kit + Other Essentials
    SUV truck with portable shovel, window scrapper, and winter clothes

    Do you know what things to keep in your car in winter? A winter car safety kit is a must for every driver in areas where there are freezing temperatures. Most people know to pack water and a little food. However, there are several other winter car accessories

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  8. Types of Safety Clothing for DIY Projects: A Comprehensive Guide
    various safety equipment set on table

    Clothing safety is an area of safety that is sometimes overlooked. It only takes a split second for a chemical spill, fall, or other accident to cause an injury. For any type of DIY project, it's important to have the right safety clothes and gear. Safety

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  9. Power Tools Safety Guide: Essential Practices for Safe Work
    Carpenter in wood workshop using table saw. Mature man i casual clothing. Space is full of working tools and wooden planks.

    Power Tools Safety Guide: Essential Practices for Safe Work

    Since anyone can buy power tools, it is easy to assume that they are safe to use. Many people unbox them and use them without reading all the safety instructions and cautions. Without

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  10. CYNC by GE: A Complete Guide
    Cync one app endless possibilities

    GE CYNC is a smart home system that allows you to control and automate various home devices, such as light bulbs. With CYNC, you can easily manage your home's lighting to fit your schedule and requirements. This complete guide will cover the different

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  11. How to Install Bathroom Safety Grab Bars
    Elderly person holding bathroom safety grab bar

    Step 1: Position the Safety Grab Bar

    Decide on the best position and location to install a safety grab bar or multiple bars in your bathroom, depending on your

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  12. The Essential Guide to Home Fire Safety
    Smoke detector in house fire

    Home is where we feel safe, secure and comfortable. But even at home, accidents and unforeseen incidents can happen when we least expect them. Get some peace of mind by following these home safety tips and taking the necessary steps to decrease the chance

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  13. 8 Steps to Childproof Your Home, Inside & Out
    Toddler playing with knobs on kitchen stove

    As a parent, from the moment your child is born you begin to worry about his or her safety. Keeping a child safe from harm is not always easy. The average household is full of potential hazards that pose a threat to a baby or young child. However, all

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  14. Ladder Safety: 4 Tips to Avoid Injury
    Safely hanging wallpaper on ladder

    Ladders are essential tools for home improvements and maintenance. Their use can lead to injury though if utilized incorrectly or carelessly. Before climbing a ladder, be sure you know how to properly use one so that you complete the job successfully

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  15. Balcony Safety: 5 Steps to Protect Your Kids & Pets
    Safe balcony overlooking backyard

    Balconies are beautiful additions and can provide bountiful views, but they can also pose a safety hazard if not maintained. In addition, they can pose a danger to small children or pets if steps aren’t taken to make them as safe as they can be.

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  16. 3 Fire Pit Safety Rules for Every Backyard
    Outdoor fire pit with burning logs

    A growing number of people are installing backyard fire pits, but with great family get-togethers around the fire, comes great responsibility to follow all fire safety rules. Make sure your

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  17. Fall Season Safety: 4 Outdoor Hazards to Avoid
    Burning fall leaves in metal drum outside
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  18. 5 Ways to Keep Kids Safe Outdoors
    Girl swinging energetically outside in summer

    You don’t have to watch your kids every second while they play outside. You also can’t prevent all potential accidents. You can make sure they play as safely as possible, though, by taking a few simple precautions to make your yard safer. Follow the bel

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  19. Home Security for Stress-Free Travel
    Smart home security on tablet

    When you're traveling, nothing gives you more peace of mind than knowing your home will be safe and secure while you’re away. From securing doors and windows to adding security lighting, there are some things that you can do to make sure you have a s

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  20. Halloween Safety Tips for Kids & Parents
    Kids trick-or-treating in Halloween costumes

    Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year for kids and adults alike. But with great fun comes great responsibility to keep it safe. Whether you need tips on costumes and trick-or-treating safety or want to decorate your home with care, here are

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  21. 7 Tips to Decorate Safely for the Holidays
    Holiday decor near fireplace

    Decorating your home for the holidays, both inside and out, is a fun and festive family activity. Do it with safety in mind to keep both your loved ones and your home safe from fire, electrical and other hazards this holiday season.

    Fire Safety

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  22. 4 Ways to Keep Pets Safe from Holiday Hazards
    Cat pawing at ornament in Christmas tree

    There’s a lot going on during the holidays, with decorating, gifting and cooking. Don’t let pets get lost in the shuffle — keep pet-proofing top of mind while you prepare for the festivities. You can’t watch them every second of the season, but you can

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