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  1. How to Waterproof Your Wood Deck

    Waterproof wood deck with water droplets

    Water, when combined with UV radiation and changes in weather and temperature, can cause your deck to look dull and weathered by washing away your deck's finish, natural resins, and color. While you can't completely prevent your deck's exposure to the

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  2. How to Stain Your Wood Deck

    Staining deck with extended pad

    Weather takes its toll on your deck with year-round exposure to sun, rain and snow. Your deck’s finish can start to wear off, leaving the wood looking old and battered. And, it’s not just the appearance of your deck that suffers; if the wood loses its

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  3. How to Paint Your Concrete or Wood Porch

    Freshly painted wood porch

    Your front porch is the first thing guests see when visiting your house. Whether it's wood or concrete, every porch needs a bit of upkeep. If yours is looking a little worse for wear, now is a good time to take a weekend to renew it to its original glory.

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  4. Balcony Safety: 5 Steps to Protect Your Kids & Pets

    Safe balcony overlooking backyard

    Balconies are beautiful additions and can provide bountiful views, but they can also pose a safety hazard if not maintained. In addition, they can pose a danger to small children or pets if steps aren’t taken to make them as safe as they can be. Keep r

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  5. How to Paint Hardwood Floors

    Stylish living room with painted white hardwood floors

    Hardwood floors are a desirable feature in any home because of the natural wood beauty they lend to your rooms and hallways. While it may seem counterintuitive, painting your hardwood floors a solid color and/or using paint and stenciling to create patterns

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  6. How to Paint a Wood-Paneled Room

    Painted wood-paneled sun room

    Wood paneling was once a design element prevalent in kitchens, living rooms, family rooms and finished basements. Interior design trends have changed and many homeowners are opting for brighter, more colorful surfaces in their homes.

    While many

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  7. How to Paint Built-In Bookshelves

    Painted built-in bookshelves with contrasting colors

    By simply painting the back wall of a built-in bookcase, you can instantly add more depth, dimension and interest to any room in your home. With just a couple of coats of paint, a boring storage space can be transformed into a stunning backdrop that showcases

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  8. How to Install & Paint Wainscoting

    Blue wall and wainscoting with decorative fans on ledge

    Wainscoting is wood paneling that lines or borders the walls of a room. It's an attractive home improvement that can transform your walls from ordinary to extraordinary in no time at all. Installing and painting wainscoting is much easier than it once

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  9. How to Remove Wallpaper

    Woman scraping old wallpaper from wall

    Have you grown tired of that '70s green wallpaper in your bathroom? Do you want to give your kitchen a modern look? It's easy to give any room in your home an update by removing wallpaper that’s dated and painting your walls with a fresh coat of paint.

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  10. How to Hang Wallpaper

    Bold flower wallpaper in living room nook

    If you are tired of your plain, painted walls, hanging wallpaper can give any room a complete makeover. This project can take some time and effort, but it's a task you can tackle in a weekend. In fact, choosing a wallpaper pattern can be the most difficult

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  11. Quickly Sell Your Home with an Easy Paint Job

    House ready for sale

    So you've decided to sell your home. Interior painting is an excellent way to stage your home and make a great first impression to potential buyers. By giving your rooms an eye-catching look you're sure to increase your chances of selling your home at

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  12. Why Settle for One Color? Two-Tone Paint Ideas

    Two-toned room painted mustard and white

    Why paint a room’s walls just one color when you can experiment with two-tone painting? Two-tone painting creates visual interest by using two colors on one wall, divided horizontally, for example. This technique allows you to be creative in your rooms’ col

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  13. How to Stencil a Wall or Border

    Cherry blossoms stenciled on pink, bedroom wall

    If you're in the mood to redecorate, stenciling with paint is a simple and inexpensive way to give your walls a new look. You can either purchase a stencil or make one yourself—the things you can do with stenciling are as limitless as your imagination.

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  14. How to Paint Trim & Crown Molding

    Elaborate trim and crown molding painted white

    Interior trim and crown molding accent your rooms, and when painted or finished well, these decorative features can be the final touch that makes your makeover project look complete. So, when you're repainting walls, or updating décor, remember to pay

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  15. How to Repair Stucco

    Newly repaired stucco exterior

    Stucco exteriors have many advantages. Stucco is insulating and can make heating and cooling a home energy efficient. It can reduce outside noise, is fire retardant and can last for decades, if you maintain it. Cracks and holes must be fixed as soon as

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  16. 7 Common Paint Problems (And How to Fix Them)

    Blue peeling paint

    Whether you are an experienced painter or a beginner, things can pop up that leave your paint project looking inferior. It’s good to know the common interior paint problems and how you can fix them to leave your home looking like it was painted by professionals.

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  17. Proper Spackling Techniques

    Spackle on drywall

    Repairing holes and dings in walls with spackle and paint is one of the easiest home improvement projects you can undertake to vastly improve the look of your home’s interior. Keep reading to learn proper spackling technique so that you know how to d

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  18. How to Store Leftover Paint

    Leftover brown paint in can

    It’s rare that you will finish a paint project and find you have used exactly the amount of paint you needed for the job. Leftover paint shouldn’t be discarded because you never know when it might come in handy for touch–ups or other unrelated projects, never

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  19. Proper Paint Prep & Cleanup Tips

    Professional painter rolling paint in tray

    A great paint job is only as good as the steps taken to prepare. While it might not seem like fun and can be time-consuming, proper paint preparation and clean-up is a must for successful painting results, indoors and out.

    Step 1: Paint Preparation:

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  20. Pick the Best Paint Sheen for Every Job

    Painting glossy paint on window trim

    Before you start any paint project, you've probably put some time and thought into what you want the end result to be. You've considered color schemes, how natural and artificial light affect the colors you choose, and how to create flow between rooms

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  21. Paintbrush 101: Choose the Right Paint Applicator

    Paint brushes and rollers

    When preparing for a paint project, most homeowners are concerned about getting the right paint but give little thought to the quality of brushes and rollers and which ones will work best for their particular job.

    Taking the time to select the

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  22. Painting Safety: 6 Tips to Avoid Hazards

    Professional painter with protective gear sanding wall

    A fresh coat of paint is an easy way to spruce up your home's exterior or your favorite room in the house. But when painting indoors, you should follow certain measures and painting safety precautions to protect yourself and your family.


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  23. How to Dispose of Old Paint

    Used paint in open can after paint job

    Like most DIYers, you probably have a handful of half-empty, old paint cans stored in the garage or basement from previous paint projects. While storing unused, leftover paint is a great practice, at some point, you may need to dispose of leftover paint

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  24. How to Paint a Radiator

    Living room with painted radiator holding plants and decor

    Many older homes and buildings still have cast iron radiators in them. Whether they are operational or not, you can give them a quick facelift with paint to make them blend in better or become focal points in your rooms. You simply need the right paint

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