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  1. Sanders 101: How to Pick the Right Wood Sander for Any Project
    homeowner sanding staircase with different types of sanders

    What Are the Different Types of Sanders?

    Sanders come in all shapes and sizes to meet the needs of DIY weekend warriors and professional contractors alike. Virtually every sander on the market today falls into one of the following categories.

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  2. Hot Weather Lawn Care: How to Keep Grass Healthy
    Dried up lawn during a hot summer drought

    The Basics of Hot Weather Lawn Care

    Heat waves are an unavoidable part of summer in many places. However, they do not inevitably ruin lawns. With the right hot weather lawn care tips, you can help your lawn survive a scorching summer. This guide

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  3. Patio Furniture Update Idea
    Update you Patio Furniture with black spraypaint and white boarder stencil geometric pattern

    Check out this great patio update idea!


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  4. Achieving Ideal Home Humidity
    Window with condesation from high humidity in house

    Most people pay close attention to indoor air temperature. Feeling uncomfortable due to temperature is an easy problem to identify. However, it can be harder to connect humidity to home issues or discomfort. It does have several potential effects on both,

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  5. DIY Toilet Repair: How to Fix Any Toilet Issue
    Man fixing common DIY toilet issues

    Trying to find a plumber today can be difficult. There may be fewer plumbers in rural areas, and the demand for their services is high in urban areas. What is the typical cost to fix a toilet? Homeowners spend an average of $250 having a professional

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  6. How to Clean and Seal Concrete to Make It New Again
    Powerwasher cleaning concrete

    How do you make concrete look new again? Can you clean anything off concrete? Many homeowners find themselves asking these questions at some point. Fortunately, most stains can be cleaned off concrete with the right tools and methods. This guide will

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  7. Garden Lime: How to Get the Best From It
    Gardener spreading garden lime over soil in the garden

    Garden lime has many uses throughout your landscape. You can use it to control grubs, kill fungus, and amend the soil. Using lime allows you to boost the nutrients in your ground and correct those soil pH levels. Here is how to get the best results from

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  8. Reasons for a Cloudy Pool and How to Treat It
    cloudy swimming pool

    Summer is the perfect season to hit the pool. Most pool owners want sparkling clean water, but it can be a fight to keep it looking good. Sometimes, that water might have a cloudy or green appearance. No one wants to swim in dirty water. It is up to you

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  9. Annual Tree and Shrub Pruning Helps Your Garden Thrive
    trimming hedges with hedge shears

    Trimming hedges, bushes and trees in your garden yields several benefits. Not only does trimming keep your landscape looking its best throughout the year, but it also promotes healthy plants. Before you get to work with your pruning

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  10. Before the Storm: How to Prepare for Hurricanes at Home
    Hurricane Season: Prepare Now

    One of nature's most potent forces, the hurricane, often catches homeowners by surprise. Not only do coastal communities face punishing winds, but storm surges can also cause rising tide levels and floods. Even inland, many areas see storm damage, flooding,

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  11. Canning 101: How to Properly Can Everything
    jars of canned goods

    The process of canning to preserve foods dates back to the early 1800s when Napoleon sought a way to prevent French troops from getting sick by spoiled rations. Scientifically minded chefs ultimately discovered the key to producing non-perishable foods

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  12. Finding the Right Saw for Your Project
    images of different types of hand saws

    With the right saw, you can turn a difficult job into an easy project. Saw blades can cut through everything from drywall sheets to metal rods. There is an enormous selection of saws and blades, and it can be difficult to select the right option for your

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  13. Top Tips for Easily Fixing a Wobbling Ceiling Fan
    Ceiling fan getting repaired

    Wobbling and shaking ceiling fans can be noisy and annoying. If you are looking for solutions for how to fix a shaky or wobbly fan, you came to the right place. Although it is

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  14. Deadheading Flowers: How to Make Your Garden Look Healthier
    Deadheading petunias flowers

    How do you keep flowers blooming? How do you make flowers healthier? One answer to these questions may be deadheading. What does deadheading mean in gardening? If you have never heard of this practice, learning about it could be the answer to your flower

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  15. Making a Convertible DIY Outdoor Ping Pong Table
    people outside playing ping poing on a DIY ping pong table

    Table tennis, or ping pong as many call it, is the perfect game for social gatherings. It's easy for people of all ages to play, and it's a great bonding activity. However, ping pong tables are big, which means it's challenging to find a place for them.

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  16. How to Build an Outdoor Fountain/Water Feature
    Adding Border Stones around DIY Backyard Pond

    Looking for a unique yet easy-to-create feature that will add some personality to your backyard? Consider building an outdoor fountain. There are many types and styles of outdoor fountains, most of which can be constructed by your average DIYer. Here’s

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  17. 5 DIY Bird Bath Projects That Beautify Your Backyard
    Birds Bathing in a DIY Bird Bath

    Bird baths come in all shapes and sizes, just like your feathered friends. From rustic to rococo, a bird bath is a great addition to your outdoor landscape. It adds a distinctive flair and focal point to flowerbeds. As a bird magnet, it provides a

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  18. Show Your Stripes With a Flagpole Holder
    American flag in a flag holder on a front porch of house

    Whether you want to fly your colors year-round or show your patriotism on U.S. holidays, a flag holder for house mounting will keep your flag secure. Learn where you should place a flagpole bracket and the tools you need to streamline flagpole installation.

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  19. How to Use Painter's Tape? Best Practices & Tips
    Woman applying painter's tape to ceiling

    The history of painter's tape goes back to 1925 when scientist Richard Drew created the masking tape formula. Several decades later, the variation of painter’s tape was developed. The product is credited with transforming the painting industry by helping p

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  20. How to Clean Your Dryer Vent: Prevent Damage With These 5 Simple Steps
    cleaning out drier vent with vacuum

    If your spring-cleaning list includes deep cleaning the laundry room, be sure to include cleaning the dryer vent. When your dryer’s vent becomes clogged, the appliance won’t dry your clothes properly. Cleaning it out also increases your household's

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  21. Displaying the American Flag With Dignity and Honor
    American flag hanging from front porch of house

    As a leading symbol of the United States and its people, the U.S. flag is a common sight at public buildings throughout the country. Many Americans also choose to fly or hang the flag at their residences or on other privately owned property. If you display

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  22. Top Mosquito Repellents and Mosquito Control Methods Guide
    No Mosquito

    Summer is a great time for barbecues, pool parties, and outdoor adventures. However, mosquitoes can quickly put a damper on the warm-weather fun and leave everyone feeling itchy. Fortunately, there are several ways to put an end to those tiny nuisances.

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  23. Definitive Guide to Building a Simple Bench
    Definitive Guide to Building a Simple Bench

    Building your own furniture can be especially satisfying. Not only will it make you feel accomplished, but it will also allow you to personalize the project to your preferences. To build a simple DIY bench, you’ll need a few basic skills, some tools,

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  24. 7 Easy and Affordable DIY Fire Pit Ideas
    Fire Pit

    If you'd like to make memories around the bonfire this summer, building your own fire pit is a terrific way to go. Although premade fire pits are readily available, they tend to be pricey and somewhat generic. By rolling up your sleeves and getting a

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