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  1. Definitive Guide to Building a Simple Bench

    Definitive Guide to Building a Simple Bench

    Building your own furniture can be especially satisfying. Not only will it make you feel accomplished, but it will also allow you to personalize the project to your preferences. To build a simple DIY bench, you’ll need a few basic skills, some tools, a

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  2. 7 Easy and Affordable DIY Fire Pit Ideas

    Fire Pit

    If you'd like to make memories around the bonfire this summer, building your own fire pit is a terrific way to go. Although premade fire pits are readily available, they tend to be pricey and somewhat generic. By rolling up your sleeves and getting a

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  3. How to Hang Outdoor String Lights: Ideas

    String lights hanging from house in backyard

    Need a little more light in your backyard, balcony, or patio? String lights are a fantastic alternative to traditional floodlights and stake

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  4. Tips for Maintaining an Irrigation System

    Popup lawn sprinkler watering lawn

    To continue working efficiently and effectively, irrigation systems require regular maintenance. When you take the time to maintain your system, you may be able to save water. It’s also something that you can mainly do yourself. Here’s how.

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  5. How to Prune Rose Bushes for Beautiful Results

    Gardener pruning a rose bush with pruning shears

    Cutting back a beautiful rose bush seems counterintuitive, but regular pruning actually encourages new growth, helps shape the plant, and gets rid of dead wood to reduce the risk of fungal disease. While learning how to prune roses takes time and practice,

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  6. Split Hosta Plants: How and When to Split Your Hosta Plants

    Gardener splitting a clump of hosta plants

    People love hostas because they are lovely shade plants. They are easy to grow and give gardens a good foundation. To keep your hosta

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  7. Find the Right Lawn Mower for Your Needs With This Handy Guide

    Find the Right Lawn Mower for Your Needs With This Handy Guide

    The key to keeping a pristine yard is to have the right lawn mower. With so many different types of models on the market, however, it can be difficult to choose the right mower for your unique situation. A lawn mower is a big investment, and you don’t w

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  8. Rising Waters: How to Keep Your Home Safe from Flood Damage

    Rising Waters: How to Keep Your Home Safe from Flood Damage

    Did you know that flood damage in the United States has cost home and business owners nearly $75 billion in the last three decades? It's difficult to imagine, but those images of flooded homes and neighborhoods are a harsh reality millions face.

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  9. Remove Rust from Metal for Spring Cleaning

    Remove Rust from Metal for Spring Cleaning

    Best Methods to Remove Rust From Metal When Spring Cleaning

    Many people assume that there's no way to remove rust once it forms on metal. While rust can be stubborn, there are many cleaning methods. We recommend adding rust removal to your list

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  10. Guide to Lawn Mower Safety and Maintenance

    Guide to Lawn Mower Safety and Maintenance

    Before using a new lawn mower, it’s important to understand the basics of proper operation and maintenance. Doing so will keep everyone safe and help you get the most out of your investment.

    Are Lawn Mowers Safe to Use?

    Since millions o

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  11. Fencing 101: Finding the Best Fencing for Your Yard

    Fencing 101: Finding the Best Fencing for Your Yard

    Your choice of garden fencing is more important than you might realize. A property's fence influences its curb appeal. Not only that, but it can impact your yard's safety and privacy. Ultimately, it can change how you use your backyard and approach outdoor

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  12. How to Know Your USDA Plant Hardiness Zone

    USDA Planting Zones
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  13. The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Grilling

    Group grilling around a charcoal grill

    Is there a better pastime than firing up the grill on a warm spring afternoon? There's magic in the intense heat, the sound of food searing, and that irresistible aroma wafting through the air. After a long winter stuck inside, most people can't wait

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  14. Definitive Grass Seed Buying Guide for Home Gardeners

    Grass seed in garden shovel

    Nothing impacts home landscaping quite like a well-kept lawn. And it's not all about impressing your neighbors. In addition to looking nice, a healthy lawn absorbs excess rainfall, reduces soil erosion, filters groundwater, produces oxygen and improves

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  15. Color Terminology and Color Wheel

    Color Terminology and Color Wheel
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  16. How to Replace a Toilet

    Installing new toilet

    If your toilet is out of date and not very water-efficient, it may be time to start over by installing a new one. Here's how:

    Step 1: Empty Toilet

    Shut off the water to the toilet. If you don't have an angle stop shut-off valve by your

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  17. 15 Faux Painting Techniques and Ideas

    15 Faux Painting Techniques and Ideas

    Faux finish painting is a technique that creates texture and nuance by replicating the look or feel of other surfaces, such as striped wallpaper, suede, or marble. While it takes some patience

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  18. Holiday Decorating Checklist

    Holiday project checklist
    Holiday Project Checklist

    Use these helpful tips for festive and worry-free holidays

    1. Holiday Lighting Installation

    Now’s the time to choose and install new LED lighting the energy-efficient and safe way.

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  19. Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

    Fall project checklist
    Monthly Project Checklist

    Try these autumn-inspired ideas for lawn, garden and home

    1. Fall Lawn Care Tips

    Fall is the ideal time to get your yard ready for winter and prep for a lush, green lawn come spring.

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  20. Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

    Summer project checklist
    Monthly Project Checklist


    1. Install Outdoor Floodlights

    Learn ways to illuminate your home for security, safety and curb appeal with outdoor

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  21. Spring Lawn Tools Checklist

    Spring project checklist
    Monthly Project Checklist

    Grab These Tools & Tackle Any Task

    1. Fertilizer Spreader

    A broadcast spreader makes it easy to evenly distribute seed, weed

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  22. Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

    Winter project checklist
    Monthly Project Checklist


    1. Prep Your Home for Winter

    Chase the chill and save with these energy-efficient tips.

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  23. Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

    Spring project checklist
    Monthly Project Checklist

    It's Time to Freshen up for Spring

    1. Refinish Your Outdoor Furniture

    Make weatherworn furniture look like new with paint and stain.

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  24. 5 Ways to Recycle or Reuse Your Christmas Tree

    Discarded Christmas trees by trash

    There’s just something about having a live Christmas tree that seems natural and makes a house feel like the holidays. But at the end of the season, many people unceremoniously toss their tree in the trash to end up in the landfill. What a waste! Many c

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